Tokyo Japan Capsule Hotel Experience!

I’ve arrived in Tokyo Japan and my first night was at a capsule hotel.

The hotel I stayed at was

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bingsue me says:

the cutie holding ramen @ 9:47 tho

Shawn Bechard says:

Great video…but no, it is not an “Asian” thing to put a grocery bag in the garbage pail.

Shaneomac says:

Lol my teacher wanted to show my class what Japan was like and this is the video he showed us for capsule hotels and he didn’t let us watch it cause we all laughed at the eating challenge and I went up to him after class and said if u knew it was funny y did u let us watch this part if it’s not about the capsule hotel

Hunglikeahippo 69 says:

Gee Jackie chan looks so young for his age

Andrie Sensei says:

Dame! Dame! Dame! Dame! = stop!

Katakimiku San says:

Sushi is cooked and sushimi are the raw things
So in sushi the fish are cooked
In sushimi it’s not cooked except the rise

Connor Smith says:

He’s so cool

*bob ross* says:

this guy looks lke jackie chan

Will Taylor says:

Dude emperor penguins are that big ahahaha

Donna Fassano says:

8:35. What is Orson Wells doing there?

Soetsu Kijimuta says:

favorite vlog channel

Truder Darkness says:

Hi are you in the movie the karate kid?

ラインバックワキーン says:

IVE BEEN TO THE FISH MARKET IN TOKYO!! But thing that sucks about it is that it closes at 2pm

Puzzoozoo says:

Anyone ever told you you look a bit like Jackie Chan?

Sharrie Oshun says:

Don’t like it too small

Olivia Hohensinner says:

2:16 finally someone else who calls them flip flops

doggiesarus says:

I love Japanese architecture and also room design, but I do not think I could sleep on a floor with a thin mattress like that. Maybe when I was 10 years old… but not now.

tee zee says:

I don’t eat raw sushi either! Omg! XD

Voices of Mars says:

We stayed at the same inn in 2012. Is Nicholas and Betty still working there? Best customer service ever!

Stephen Mendonsa says:

There is Jackie Chan in this video behind him…Watch at 12:06 .Click on the time and see. Lol

Xrod Gaming says:

Is it me or is his voice not in sync near the end of the video?

FollowTheSun says:

I stayed here for 11 nights and I slept like a baby , cant recommend it enough

The_Other _Seto_Kaiba says:

I was thinking he would find someone already sleeping in his cabin 203 when the divider was lifted.

Eva Gabriela says:

is the polar bear real?

mushroomroom007 says:

Japan needs Islam

Nova SuperNova says:

good video

Micheal Grim says:

24 hour sushi shop sounds like a dream to me.

hello fellas says:

You look like Jackie Chan

Alex K says:

If you farted in the capsule, it would be so loud.

Kay Smith says:

Hey Mark! First saw you with Mark Wiens and had to watch some of your videos. I hate to break it to you brother, but there are some penguins as big as those in that store front lol. I like your take on things and your humor. I’ve subscribed and now I will follow you everywhere…Muwahahahahaha….ahem…..thanks for the videos!

Kayla Spenner says:

that is tiny

Santi akhok says:

nice video ,thanks 4 your sharing

Matt Thompson says:

“Looks like ice cold sushi for breakfast”

Like if you know where that’s from!

wandering star says:

Loved your vid!!

Natalie Wa says:

Ok I want sushi now! haha

Jocelyn Luzier says:

Ayeeeeeee I’m f4om Vancouver (his shirt)

Rose Wu says:

I heard mandarin in japanese food store…interesting( ・◇・)

ghazali rafiq says:

I dint even know about this channel #bigfan

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