Tokyo Disneyland Hotel Room Tour

We were fortunate enough to spend a few nights at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel! We absolutely loved staying here. The staff was phenomenal and you definitely can’t beat the location right across from Tokyo Disneyland itself! Thanks so much for watching! 😀

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Lisa Polzin says:

Uhm, is that Cleo from Pinocchio in the shower room door glass?!?! Love that detail!

schyler angelo says:

Always love your guy’s videos!!! Hope there is a haul video and just more videos in general!! Love you guys

0goodvibes0 says:

I get so excited when you guys upload, I drop everything to immediately watch!

荳荳玩樂趣 says:

Your video is awesome especially video quality, may I ask what’s type of camera do you make your vlog video?.

See Shaun Vlog says:

Wow. Id love to stay there. Whats your favourite disney hotel from all the ones youve stayed at?

olivias says:

So how would you compare the pricing for a trip there vs. Disney World? I’m looking online and can’t really tell. Is a hotel there cheaper for the week than at Disney World?

Genevieve's Expat Life says:

I went there last month. Bought the ssme Shellie Mae bag! Love it!!

Just Call Me Annie says:

LOVED the tour!!

Jim Thorp says:

Awesome! Thanks we are probably staying in the same level room for 5 nights in June! Your video isn’t helping with the long wait!!!

Carole Flynn says:

They provide pajamas?

brophy kenobi says:

so great! i really hope i can stay there one day

erica capobianco says:

now that’s a magical hotel room! love all this tokyo content keep it coming! love you both! thanks for making my tuesday that much more special!:)

Erica Rodriguez says:

They give you pjs?? That’s cool! Also the toiletries are so cute

Just Call Me Annie says:

LOVE OhYeahTV!!!

Lindsay Newman says:

THANK YOU for this video! My family and I are going to TDR in July and we be staying here. Great video as always!

Elizabeth Middleton says:

Good video! Loved the tour, it looks so cute there

AlliAsAlways says:

Coolest room ever!!

misssuteki says:

Very nice!!! The Animal Kingdom Lodge also gives really nice stationary with envelopes. I’m not sure if they do it for all rooms though. I’ve been there so many times and have had all kinds of rooms from standard to VC to the 3 bedroom villas I can’t remember which room had it.

Leslie Yowall says:

I stayed there for the last 6 nights!!

hollyd551 says:

Beautiful room and view!

Homebound Harrington says:

I cant believe it took me so long to discover you guys! I am so excited to get to know you guys!! Just subbed and followed over on IG ❤❤ in love with ur channel already! #fellowdisneylover #fellowdisneyfam

Nate Stikeleather says:

So happy the vlog is back!!!! #ohyeahfam

Josie Rebel says:


Rachael C. says:

Do you get to take the pj’s/slippers/amenity kits home with you? Are you guys going to do a haul video? 🙂

SweetEmelyne's says:

the hotel looks amazing!!

Angel Cordero says:

THANK YOU , for the great experience of watching Disney Tokyo through you.

Carrie Likely says:

Wow that is beautiful.

EverydayDisneyMagic says:

That is an interesting shower. It’s amazing how many different cultures there are out there. Cool room! I like the art work. That’s awesome they transferred your bags. When we transferred between hotels in Disneyland, Cali, they wouldn’t transfer our bags. Interesting how each Disney resort is, Thanks for showing us around the room!

Fiyori Takeshi says:

This is awesome! How did you get to book one of their hotels?

Adventure and Donuts says:

What a neat room, its interesting to see the slight differences between a traditional hotel room in the U.S. verses other countries.

Kitty Go Poof says:

Wow! Disney World needs to step up their hotel game. Love the video!

lizciampa says:

That is an amazing room!

Lilly May says:

Wow amazing room

Volleymaster Baller says:

Do you get to keep the slippers or pajamas?   I’m going in May and staying here and I CANNOT wait!

Caroline Jackovich says:

I think my favorite part is that the room comes with pajamas! Such a fun room in general. I already want to visit and now I want to visit even more! 🙂

Noel Martinez says:

Will there be a haul video? I hope so crossing fingers.

BrieAnna Puryear says:


SCDisneyVlogs says:

This is definitely on my bucket list, loved the video. Awesome as always

Dana Byers says:

Love the room! I’ll be putting the jammies a d slippers home with me! Lol

Brandi Hart says:

So is Disney world still your fav? The resort and hotel in Tokyo are beautiful.

Mouse Eared World says:

Loved the tour, that shower and toilet is crazy- the room looks very cozy and well themed!

Ivana P says:

Did you go around tokyo aswell but stay in disney? Love the video!

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