Tokyo Capsule Hotel Experience ★ ONLY in JAPAN

A real life capsule to sleep in. Cool!
This is one of the most “ONLY in JAPAN” experiences possible — staying in a capsule hotel in a Japanese city. It’s cheap and convenient but why do people actually stay here? Is it … you know … big enough?
In this episode, John Daub and Masahito Kawahata head to the Shinjuku Kuyakusho-mae Capsule Hotel in Kabukicho to find out.

Japan’s Capsule Hotels are more than cheap places to crash.
This type of hotel is distinctively Japanese in style, cramming in as much as possible into a tiny space to make a comfortable experience, but can a guest really be comfortable in one?
More and more foreign tourists to Japan want to give it a try! How small are these capsule? How much is a night? What are the rules?
Is it worth it?

Miss your last train?
Work too late?
Argument with your husband or wife and need a place to crash? Those might be the normal reasons why Japanese salarymen spend the night at a capsule hotel.
For foreign tourists it’s a chance to experience a unique style of hotel that seems more like spending a night at the morgue.
Before you pass judgement on capsule hotels, some things about them may surprise you!

What can you find at the capsule hotel?
Here’s a list:

Restaurant (Open 18:00~24:00)
Community Room
Vending machines
Laundry machines
Fast and free WIFI
English speaking staff
Women’s only floor
Japanese-style bath and sauna
Close to Shinjuku Station, bars, Golden Gai and Robot Restaurant

Google Map:

Thank you PIRATES OF TOKYO BAY for the support!
POTB is a comedy group in Tokyo performing in English and you can catch their performances in the city.
Masahito Kawahata is one of their talented bilingual comedians.
Check out their website for locations and times:


This show has been created and produced by John Daub ジョン・ドーブ. He’s been living and working in Japan for over 16 years and regularly reports on a TV show for Japan’s International Channel.


Archie Lamont says:

It reminds me of a gas chamber

Overly Weird says:

after watching this i got a huge craving for ramen

Melsina Saito says:

hey guys I am don’t get it you know when I was trying to to wat tou know when you know when you try to watch it loads and I saw the picture in the beginning I saw that it was not showing the other face by it shows the other one

alam alam says:

the music sound is v scary

Fuzzyboots McFerret says:

Japanese people love it when you add soap and shampoo to the bath water so everyone can get clean at once

Lei Wang says:

4500Yen =40 USD a night, still to expensive. In China we have similar capsule hotels but only for $6 per night, though fewer amenities are provided.

Manuel Paruccini says:


Khaled Sahbi says:

Is their a couples capsule?

Kunal Thorat says:

it is present in India too

David Choi says:

this is spa, not a hotel

Paul Tafoya says:

Reminds me of Tokyo Drift

Arbiter667 says:

do they have heroin in japan?

xXMrAnime LoverXx says:

people next to him must have been pissed when he was talking at night

Redhead Russkie says:

human beehive

Mikee Dabalus says:

been there shinjuku..
you gotta check out thus place called 24


Two grown men One capsule
IN JAPAN Coming to cinemas…

Ethan White says:

the intro at 0:16 trips me out!

Newnecker1 says:

How much is 1 yen worth

Can I get 1,000,000 Subs With and Videos? says:

4,500 yen?! Isn’t that $450?? Sorry, but you could go to a much fancier hotel with $450.

The Claw says:

gl fitting a serb in there you need a 2.5 m one

Arian says:

It’s fifty Canadian dollars to stay here for a night, times seven is 350$ per week. Usually hotels are 100-200 per night. When I go back to japan, I might just stay in one of these for a couple weeks!

jay jay says:

he is going to fap under there

Muhammad Sohail says:

this capsule not for asthma people if he wake middle of the night he might be
die hahaha

Ilhan09 Crété12 says:


Zeroix says:

that bath tho

Joseph Sealey says:

the capsul towers look like a lode of washing mashines stacked on top of eachother

mejor canal says:


ABT says:

2 meters only im 2.06 meters

Javier Flores says:

be careful because the slit mouthed woman will get you next time u go out late avoid the phone posts

ChicagoLTrain115 says:

This is cool! Totally want to stay in one sometime if I ever visit Japan. Anyway I love ramen

yonaoimete says:

Misoshiru must be on the right side.
This is a Japanese traditional manners.

Doodle says:


heyitsablackguy says:

I’m 6’7”, this could never work for me.

Asish Pradhan says:

Capsule tower was used in Wolverine movie..

Boss says:

The best thing I love about Japan is toilets

Ong Jun Quan says:

Just saying it’s not only in Japan

syed zubair says:

whats a pice per night stay here ?

Arbiter667 says:

can literally get a full sized nice room in America for same price..

Ste_rn Isn't here says:

Not for the claustrophobic people.

Lazzaro Manlio Detti says:

Nemmeno da morto ci starei!!!

Pop The Fart says:

Ruined by saying it was a coffin

Tirath Bal says:

$51 it’s a great deal

bill withers says:

youre both faggots

sio taro says:


Lorna McInnes says:

It looks as if there are no doors on the capsules, is that right? Just a curtain between you and the corridor?

Huy Gia says:

Địt mẹ chịch nhau à

{kawaii. Pøtato23} says:

Who’s just watching this to know more about Japan? Am I the only one?

Jc Jc says:

I can see it now, I’ll wake up from a nightmare of his menacing laugh and clock my head on the roof.

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