Staying at a Tokyo Capsule Hotel

Capsule hotels are dream come true for budget travellers – particularly in upmarket Ginza in Tokyo.
► WHERE I stayed:
► ADVICE on Budget Travelling Japan:

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Fetal Mistaken Mouse says:

If there is no hentai magazines im not staying there

Japeth Barnett says:

Nobody else was reminded of 5th element by this?

Ricky Jenkins says:

0:28 ginza oh shit you’re in trouble where’s the empire where’s the dragons where’s yoji Itami

Ta Control says:

Deus ex

Sanchit Dhingra says:


Jess dela Fuente says:

i used to love watching your videos…..not so sure anymore after what you did to that kitkat

Kakashi Ken says:

Who records your vids?

Frances L. .L says:


Carson D. says:

Does it bother anyone else how he ate the kit kat

gottfer says:

is there some sort of flow in the foot bath? I’m not super afraid of bacterias but still kinda looked gross x)
sorry for my awful engish

juan duque says:


Kharad Zum says:

I just found a deal at that seems way too cheap. 51 euros for 3 nights is this even possible.

renragged says:

Reminds me of being on an Aircraft Carrier. The Capsule Hotel is a lot nicer of course…

Michael Phelps says:

But how is housekeeping done?

You Mad says:

Calpis–cow piss

A. Soldier says:

I’d hate to be a claustrophobic poor person in Japan.

blossom rosemary says:

I think seeing these capsules made me claustrophobic

TheErinnF says:

I love this channel! Thank you!

JoyousStarParty says:


30% – Calpis sounding like Cow piss

30% – Inappropriate jokes

30% – Complements about the music

10% – Eating KitKats the wrong way

Nikko Sisowath says:

Your music is on point brutha man!

T Kalevi says:

This is like only in Japan

MidnightEkaki says:

Well gay couples can get a very cheap love hotel then

KawaiiClover says:

I feel in one of those I’d go insane

Starwberry Girlie says:

when i run away from home…

cindybin2001 says:

It’s terrible they serve alcohol and you drink it! Oh this makes me so mad! I have ranted against alcohol for 15 years online, writing thousands of comments, tons of blogs, even a BOOK about why we shouldn’t use alcohol! Alcohol is a drug! Just because it’s legal doesn’t make it right!

Adrian Hartanto says:

Drinking cow piss isn’t good any time of the day lol

Rafael Montoya says:

JBalvin anyone?

Apricock says:

when he said calpis I thought he said cow piss

Fletcher Cameron says:

Calpis tastes like Yakult and lemonade together and a wasabi kit Kat is actually very nice. Like a light milk chocolate

firesoul453 says:

wouldn’t an alarm wake everyone up in a capsule hotel?

Op goldensaver says:

1200 dollars for rent for a whole month… not too bad

ModernRicky25 says:

I love wasabi Kit Kat and Calpis

Katie says:

In cars 2 there is a reference in the Tokyo bit to these

Shawn Hickey says:


Gakuto Face says:

wass poppin jimbo

anyone get the reference

ProGaming says:

why are you eating a kit kat like that

Mo Sun says:

Nice videos.

Lukas T says:

can you lock the capsule from inside so no one can open it from the outside?^^

Emily Witcher says:

i too drink cow piss

Nibir U says:


Walsh2571 says:

Sydney has one and its awesome

cindybin2001 says:

OH THIS MAKES ME FURIOUS! It is terrible someone made a comment below using profanity and got a whole bunch of thumbs up!!

johannes Amdahl
shii, those capsuals looks cozy as fuck
Reply 128

AARGHHHH MUST YOU USE PROFANITY?? HOW CRUDE AND OFFENSIVE! Oh this makes me furious! I have ranted against profanity for 15 years online, ever since we got the Internet! Haven’t you read a thing I have written?? And what really makes me mad is that your comment gets 128 thumbs up? And nobody even scolds you for using this language? HOW SAD IS THAT?? Shame on all of you for giving that comment thumbs up!

Sinamae • says:

“Tastes like chocolate gone wrong” *takes another bite*

Scorpio King says:

cow piss wotah! delicious!

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