Lost in Translation at the PARK HYATT TOKYO (Japan): impressions & review

Read my review of the Park Hyatt Tokyo here (pros & cons): http://wp.me/p4d1XU-FlF

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TheMunchkin says:

Do you know why their main lobby is on the 41st floor?

Khalid Haris says:

WOW very beautiful places in Tokyo

Billyanto Tanzil says:

did edit this video by urself or hire a proffesional? cos the editing is spot on! too match the background music with certain part of the video made the video more enjoyable! thx for sharing and ur hardwork!

Wayne Harris says:

We stayed here it was great. Expensive for an American but great.

deez hole says:

Was the 51st floor closed? The “New York Bar” was my favorite, but I did not see it featured in this video.

Simonkram says:

Ha! Movie references.

5vxz says:

Hey there,

I’m fairly new to this channel but am liking the look of it. Was just wondering though, how do you afford all of this expensive travel?

Khalid Haris says:

Awesome video man like always

Noe Berengena says:

The bar sequence filmed at 5 a.m.? Is it really that sunny at that hour of the day? Those interior shadows indicate the sun fairly high in the sky.

Hotel Reviews says:

good hotel

Mia Osym says:

Ahhh maahhh gahhh! I stayed in same exact room but with one huge bed instead of two. The suite is so ahhmazing. The view <3 I loved that hotel. And i got my photo with Bill 🙂

Lazaro Villarreal says:

I stayed 2 nights at this hotel in september 2015, atracted by the LIT movie! It was a dream came true for me! I visited almost all the locations of Japan seen in that movie!

Madoka Magica says:

I literally would never stop running on that treadmill in the morning with that sunrise and view. Thank you for the great video!

tyrael280 says:

old and good memories to me. So you did’t try the japanese breakfast ? 😉

John Appleseed says:

Looks lovely but AMAN Tokyo just looked amazing!

Omari Joseph says:

Very Impressive..thanks for the tour..continue to do more

Mr. Inzeo says:

The gym is pretty amazing. This hotel is probably one of the best I have seen are your channel. You should do a quick YOUR top ten favorite.

Дмитрий Фисенко says:

Thank you for the video. Always I watch with great interest. And then there’s about Japan. I could not stop and looked several times all the videos from Japan.

I have a question, that the music is playing? Who is the composer?

Nazir Sheikh says:

When you go burg ul arab Dubai, United Arab Emirates burg ul arab is best hotel in the world 7 star hotel

IsoscelesKramer says:

For relaxing times… make it Suntory Time! 🙂

Francis Bagbey says:

Well done. Well edited. Good views of the property and useful  information. Liked the music. Better than music on most YouTube travel videos. thanks!

leo oel leo says:

cool man

Zenthropy says:

What is the name of the opening song? Shazam does not recognize it.

Thamer T says:

where is new york bar?

Chris Danger says:

Amazing hotel walkthrough. Also: Many here stateside don’t know about the early sunrises in Tokyo during the summer. Friends of mine were there last year and it took them by surprise after a night out drinking..

Madoka Magica says:

Oh and by the way you inspired me to be an international business person because of the fact that if I travel a lot for business then I will earn miles and if I earn miles I can go to the places you have gone! I’m aware of the other ways that you can earn miles but I think that kind of job would allow me to collect a large amount of miles.

Kenny Lam says:

man, I miss this place!!! I was there for lunch in April. couldn’t afford to stay there but the service was amazing.

Pickles S says:



Hi do you need to be a guest to enter the restaurant or pool area?

handsomefingers says:

The video captures very well how massive Tokyo is in all directions.

Vraiment Moi says:

I just love this hotel. I come here to dine but that gives me enough to appreciate John Morford’s great taste in designing hotels. Minimalistic with simple tones, colors but exquisite attention to detail.

Pietro Valentyne says:

Awesome. LiT happens to be my favourite movie of all time. Excellent camera work. How do you keep the camera so still when walking? It’s very smooth and fluid. — *Edit… I looked up your camera and it has stabilization tech in it. I guess that’s the answer. Works really well.

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