Inside Japan’s most exclusive hotel, AMANEMU: impressions & review

Read here my review of Amanemu: (pros & cons)

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Tal says:

Beautiful resort!

malachite moondance says:

lovely place it looks so neat, fresh, revitalizing and the staff look so smart.
Great work on your filming and editing.

WEOK says:

What a calmy place.

davidcho15 says:

very nice

Sai Rishvith says:

It’s so nice…. The automatic toilets!!!

Francis Bagbey says:

What times of year would you recommend visiting Amanemu? thanks for this great video!

Mr. Inzeo says:

Looks amazingly peaceful.

shaun spor says:

this hotel probably costs more money than i will earn in my whole fuc*in life

Summer Rain says:

Looks so beautiful and tranquil, and… so lonely.

Hideki Gomi says:

It’s in my hometown and I really wanted to like it but…. to be very honest, I just don’t find the place as luxurious as the other Amans for some reason. I’m such a troll…

Anatoly Yurkin says:

04:28 bide?

TheGruggi says:

Thank you for your wonderful videos and sharing your experiences. And there’s me thinking that paradise was a myth! Have you ever considered visiting China???Say….The Intercontinental in Kowloon or have I not seen it on your web sight.

Hiro Ueda says:

…thats right down the road from my old grandparents place…

Trang Nguyen says:

most of your videos i dont see guests. is it early in the morning or too pricey for most folks. thanks for sharing. always nice music compliments the surrounding.

supermykola says:

What’s the soundtrack at 4:30? Great video, thanks.

Eugenio V says:

wow !

naveen halasangimath says:

Sir i become big fan of your videos. It makes me inspire every time when i watches your video’s.

Happy Turtle says:

moral of the story you gotta study medicine if you wanna travel like this fella 🙂

Diane Thompson says:

The music is always so beautiful as well.

sean haugen says:

I see a lot of straight lines.

mirsh123 says:

what song is used at 13:30?

Luxury Columnist says:

Japan is firmly on my travel wish list and this place looks fab

Wayne Mao says:

I seriously prefer old Japanese style~~It is more western this one.

Asyong Aksaya says:

I think that hotel is now look like a house

Qtn Drd says:

The sequence at 14:16 is just magic

Riaz Chowdury says:

that is hotel.


A says:

Every luxurious Japanese hotel look like the setting in an anime/game (clean/spotless/calm).

Definitely a great contrast to our American Hotels, which had zombie-apocalypse vibes on it.

Cumbo says:

Man Change the intro
it is old

Machieavelli says:


Lachlan Hall says:

As a person living in japan I would like to welcome you to the Japanese Empire, Japanese hospitality is really something isn’t it?

Vivian Edinburgh says:

Love ur channel

1973Washu says:

The only downside I can see is that if i visited there I would never want to leave.

Muhammad Fahrung says:

very nice video… btw, do you travel alone?

Birdland 1 says:


Sarcastic Cynical says:

the opulence is quite breathtaking, if not a bit overwhelming (in a good way).

岡水杏 says:


jrsdv says:

spectacular, amazing ultra luxurious hotel. Your vid: outstanding & inspiring! keep going friend!

Ramada Amber says:

If time is convenient, try go to Bali, Indonesia and stay at “Hanging Gardens of Bali” 🙂 Check it out, It’s extremely beautiful and totally worth the travels 🙂

John Smith says:

I very much doubt this is Japan’s most exclusive hotel

robert henderson says:

What is the song playing. I could use this to help me son go to sleep.

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