Love Hotels are big business in Japan. Let’s go and check them out.
►►The Hotelion, Sendai: (Love Hotel)

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Ender 8CZ says:

9:00 And thats the place i want to have a depression in 😉

MingusDingus says:

If I were going to Japan I would atleast have with me more than 900.000 yen…

Bobby B says:

Should start these up in USA biz would be booming…maybe

GollyKun says:

So do the escorts in the hotel have s e x with ya??

Daniel Phillip says:

Ive just booked flights to japan
Can some one advise on the tattoo situation , if i should cover them all up?

end of the line says:

I would just sit in the “peeping room” or whatever it is and read all day. I love being in small spaces because I’m shy and don’t like being in open spaces like that because I feel like I’m on the middle of things.

Qualified Idiots says:

Is it weird that I kinda want to work there?

sam turner says:

Yuk yuk only for perverts

Kira B says:

the room with all the teddies would probably be a dream come true for a little lol

shinderuNANi says:

I need this in my life

attlee2010 says:

that really looks like a nice hotel

Philip Sandercock says:

Only a Englishman can make wearing 3/4 length shorts comical is it the socks……or is it the trainer’s ….hmmm you decide

Dylan M says:

Lisps galore

Berry Posh says:

Make sure to bring your black light that will show all the spooge and cum all over. I wonder how they clean it

yannyxboo says:


Guy who tries to get a Life says:

*Goes into a Love hotel*
*Buys a Room*
*Sleeps with a Pillow*

samurai7411 says:

So with those escorts…. just doing some research for educational reasons… apparently illegal prostitution in japan is limited to penis -> vagina = illegal. Everything else is a-ok

sagar t says:

Architecture better than a 5 star hotel.

Taariq Noor says:


Fat Bob says:

We all know he’s gonna buy one of the delivery health people after the video

thedestroyer lol76 says:

Yeah thats my favorite type of condom too, “big honey”

Suffishes says:

How much dem cleaners get paid?

Steven the Cheetah says:

I wanna go to the teddybearcave room with my BFF for fun

Aditya Roy says:

Hentai ouji hotel …ecchi desu .

Jaruwan Somwong says:

How do i apply working as a escort in Japan?

Just Joking

Lil Skeet says:

so you can just hire a prostitute um ok

Seven Deadly Sins Escanor says:

Yo wtf

Ridh Wan says:

Come just to get all of those costumes

Zach N says:

two incredibly shy cultures collide and talk about sex hahaha

MEEP says:

I wonder how much the people that clean off the loads get paid

Light Lorraine says:

Oooo mmmm

Teal Girl says:

I didn’t know what love hotel even was omggg

spookanide says:

That food looks a lot better than most regular hotels I stayed at, holy shit.

Sitly feniase says:

ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaaha Japanese are awesot

Loreal Boyer says:

Okay show me how they cllean it and maybe I’d be more intrested cool tho lol

bb says:

I think I found my calling, I want to live in a japan love hotel XD

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