GODZILLA ROOM at the Hotel Gracery Shinjuku

I take you on a tour of the Hotel Gracery Shinjuku and its world famous GODZILLA ROOM.

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Click here to see the GODZILLA HEAD breathe fire at the Hotel Gracery Shinjuku!

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Dennis Mirkovic says:

Do you need tho book the room or did you say it at the Reception??

The YouTube Reviewer says:


Minty says:

how much was it to be there

King Goji95 says:

I need to stay in that hotel room

Kurk Kobee Arana says:

Really love to sleep in there.

Millennium Cat says:

Does the TV turn on on it’s own, or is there a special setting you have to turn on in order for that to happen?

jj Idaho says:

This is awesome, I didn’t know they have this hotel. My son has autism and he is obsessed with everything Godzilla.. I showed him the video and he has been watching it over and over, thank you. My goal now is to save money and take him there!

Jonathan and Javier Tube says:

When I grow up I’m going there but I don’t know the price so plz tell me or send me a link to the web site

paul dalton says:

How much money I’d the Godzilla head because I wanna buy it?

Chris Printz says:

I am trying to book this room on their website for when I go to Tokyo in March, but its in all Japanese once I get so far. How did you book this room?

Goreminister says:

Yeaaaa! That themeroom was so amazing!!! I´ve been there aswell during my stay in Tokyo. It´s so f*** awesome!
Maybe you wanna check out my “adventures” too 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8m8rR5-nNQ

Jorge Aldama says:



That is where I’m staying when I go

caribman10 says:

The Oxygen Destroyer was still in the display case in July 2016…

The wall has a Gojira FOOT, not a “hand”..

And we got different swag in our room stay bag. Props to Gracery Shinjuku for not giving out the same old stuff every time!

This is the very best review of this absolutely wonderful hotel I have seen. By the way, even if you aren’t a G-Fan, I recommend it. It’s spotlessly clean. The Japanese breakfast buffet is the best buffet I have had at a hotel ever, and I have had quite a few in at least five countries. It is excellent; don’t bother with the “American” one. Kaiju Rob has done a real service here. One thing: the scene of the “head” should be amended by telling you that the street in front of the hotel has SPEAKERS IN THE STREETLIGHTS that carry the Gojira theme, and the Gojira cry so you can fully experience it and that there’s a “light show” on the side of the hotel as a part of this. Great job, Rob.

Macaroni official says:

This was so cool! You need way more popularity!

whomstdvelyyainttdve says:

Do the people speak English to in the hotel gracery and the theater? Wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t

DaikaijuZilla2003 says:

that place is amazing, can we live in the rooms

Chad Miller says:

Earned a new subscriber here!!! Was in love with all the great Godzilla stuff!!! I have a question…….is there more than one Godzilla room?…..how would u know it would be available ever if in Japan?

Scary Godzilla And Friends says:

Are you allowed to take the gifts home

Christopher Grant says:

Almost want to learn fluent Japanese so I could see all the Godzilla stuff in Japan.

Invader 9 Productions / Haunting Nightmares says:

Heaven 😀

SrMichaelBucket says:

What happened to the oxygen destroyer? I personally think that it was the better thing to put in the case.

Bobby Stryker says:

Oh my word – this is amazing!! Haha! =D

TylerPCoyne says:

How much is it to stay in a room like that? I would love to spend at least one or two nights in this amazing hotel? I escpecially love the theming, the food looks delicious, and the gigantic head is just breathtaking! There’s no doubt that the people who made this did an outstanding job.

Kyan Flowerprice says:

One day my mom and dad we are going to JAPAAAAAAAAAN!

Cadaver Club says:

I see what you mean, I don’t know if there is anything more prestigious than the Godzilla room!

Godzilla 2003 The Earth Defender says:

That’s my dream room! ❤

Luke Dodge says:

This is one of the COOLEST things I have ever seen! I cannot wait to return to Japan… great vid

danielaurista says:

I knew that building was a hotel,but I didn’t know that it was a fully themed Godzilla Hotel. It would’ve been cool to visit the place,though not to stay the night for I’ll feel spooked.

Edgar Estrada says:

I know we’re I’m going to

fsdeesffds werew says:

New subscriber, damn i need to take my son to that hotel, what are the costs and how far in advance do you have to book to get it please if anyone can help.

Paulie Nicolazzi says:

So I’m gonna ask to be stationed in Japan or find a mission there so on a weekend I can purposely go there to stay at the Godzilla room and take pics with all that stuff plus see all the other sights of Godzilla they have.

Blue haired lawyer says:

Visiting this is on my bucket list

Rodan 101 says:

How am I gonna convince my mom to go there!

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