Central Osaka Hotel Review | APA Higobashi

I have stayed here a few times over the last few years. It’s a good option for those on a budget and I thought I’d show you the room – what do you think?


Gewglesux says:

I always use Toyoko.. when i dont rent an apartment. like if i go on a mini trip… Wow…. I did some quick research….
Just Wow…

Tekhelet75 says:

I refused to stay at the APA hotels, during my trip to Japan in December and January. Their denial of the Japan military war crimes in China, being the reason. I spent my money in a more expensive Japanese branded hotel. Happy to do so. Money is not an issue. Too bad APA went that route.

JayVee93 says:

How long are you staying in Osaka? Would be nice to say hello.

Davide Cicalò says:

Thank you for the video John. I actually will be staying in the yamagata apa hotel less than a week from now, so this was super useful to know and at the right time.

Too bad I didn’t cross paths with you in kyoto yesterday, would have been great to have a chat!

mehdan2 says:

I think the owner denies Jp war crimes

astroboy3507 says:

True they are a little smaller but i like them clean and price!!!!

Aaron Lariosa says:

Lol wtf downloading porn?


PLEASE DO AN EPISODE ON HOTELS IN JAPAN. It’s valuable information, I personally want to know more about budget hotels in Japan.

msrjjon says:

Due to the politics of the company and its owners, I could not stay in an APA hotel. Question John: does a company or organization’s views influence where and how you spend your travel dollars or do you not let that come into play and go strictly by economics/budget?

T T. says:

We stayed at APA Hotel Higobashi Bridge last month. Strange to you, John is overlapping with action. Several days after I went to relatives in Kyoto you went to Kyoto. When I went to Tottori to see a child, you went there at the same time and I will go to Bandai Atami with friends of Fukushima a few days later and you will go to a hot spring. I am not going around Japan at work. I am Japanese ordinary housewife.

Ikari Shinji says:

In my town, you can get a bit bigger room with that price,

ONLY in JAPAN * GO says:

This is not a political video but if you feel strongly about how the CEO thinks, I will not delete your comment here if it is respectful. This is a typical Japanese business room and I stayed here because 1) I’ve stayed here for years in Osaka and it’s good enough for me 2) it was across the street from a location I filmed and ultra convenient. I really don’t need an excuse but if you feel strongly, express yourself if you like. I like positive stories and where I stay for a couple of nights doesn’t mean I support the CEO. I clearly don’t. I also support the staff, the jobs it creates, the local businesses around the hotel etc. in the end, you have to be yourself 🙂 Sincerely, John

Shin Kansen says:

These deniers mainly do it to hurt others. Whether true or not, in this day and age, when people bring such subjects openly into the public realm, we can be sure they are not normal human beings.

GeorgeBonanza says:

Apparently everyone knows about and is boycotting this hotel? I have no idea what anyone is talking about.

Susan Truter says:

Don’t know if it’s the same in Japan but a lot of hotel windows don’t completely open to keep people from jumping.

Deanna 808 says:

I’ve paid nearly $200/ni at APA near Kyoto station. Yes convenient location but you might try Villa Fontaine, also a business hotel, nearly a look alike of APA. But the one near Kayabacho station felt better than APA Kyoto. 😉

Karim koko says:

i stayed last week in apa tanimachi hotel of osaka

epi1337 says:

How do you get APA Card? I have already stayed at 2 APA hotels last year and probably will do the same this year 😉

Xcaliber Trekker says:

Good to know you are still working on the main channel  its been so long I thought maybe you decided to wind it down.  I know you have been really busy the last month or so it is only natural.  Looking forward to the next one.

Naikan Mono says:

So close to my workplace!

Irvan says:

Hello John. Thanks for this hotel review. I was at the APA hotel in Shinsaibashi this past weekend and they were great. Yes, there are books in there from the CEO with his revisionist views. To me, everyone has they’re own opinions of things. This doesn’t prevent me from staying at their property. They’re quick and efficient. If everyone was so concerned about their politics, there would be many places many people wouldn’t stay in. Marriott, Hilton and Hyatt have been known to be racist. Does that prevent me from staying there? No!! Just like you said, I’m there to support the staff and the jobs it creates for people.

Rajiv Bhat says:

For 54$ this is definitely a decent hotel. Love it.

Watford Fc says:

Great video John it’s right up my street cheers


that hotel is the lowest limit of tolerance. Next time John I suggest staying at Hotel Shinsaibashi Lions Rock. Its where the checkin is done by a rabbit, and the rooms are FAR better than where you are at for near the same price. APA closet is not fun or good at all.

lee edwards says:

thanks john for another informative video i am using mainly AirBnb for my trip but this info is always useful

Brian says:

I stayed one night at Hotel Nihonbashi Villa, in Tokyo, this past September and the room layout was exactly like this. I wonder if APA used to own that hotel in the past. The only difference was that I was given an “old fashioned key” rather than a keycard. I remember that hotel gave me a smoking room filled with cigarette smoke. Very unpleasant as I don’t even smoke but a lot of Japanese, or Asians in general, do. When I checked out of that hotel the next morning, I was very glad to get out of there.

The Last Neanderthal says:

Jesus, auntie Gertha couldn’t definitely fit on that room. You would have to get the fire department to extract her.
On the other hand, I have stayed on rooms crappier then that while in Manhattan.
Congrats on your wedding.

Cheron Roggen says:

Thanks for sharing. Its interesting to see a hotel room In Japan!

ajl1239 says:

I stayed at the APA Shinjuku Kabukichō Tower and was blown away by the view from my room, but the political books were really weird and the WiFi was absolutely awful. Shocking that a brand new hotel in Tokyo would have WiFi that barely worked. (Honestly, the “China porn” thing seems like an excuse for APA not wanting to invest in proper bandwidth and networking services.) In any event, I paid $80 to stay in a modern hotel — onsen on the top floor — with a cozy bed and a fantastic bathroom. That room would have cost like $200 (plus tax) in NYC.

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