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A tour of the Wise Owl Hostels Tokyo, the best Hostel in Tokyo.
Finding accommodations that are affordable and in a great location in Tokyo with English speaking staff can be difficult, so where should you stay in Tokyo? Well this is our review of the Wise Owl Hostels Tokyo that is in our opinion; the best hostel in Tokyo for travelers on a budget. Follow Tyler take you on tour and give you a review of this Hostel with English speaking staff, hosting its own nightlife with a club and bar, and is only an 18 minute walk from Tokyo Station.

Wise Owl Hostel Tokyo review:
The Wise Owl hostel is in the center of Tokyo a short walk from the station and is close to the imperial palace. The Hostel has its own club, cafe and izakaya! It really is an awesome place to stay with a great environment to make friends during your travels in Japan. The rooms at Wise Owl Hostel Tokyo start from 7000 yen per person for a night and that is quite cheap for a Hostel so close to the center of the city. If you are looking for an relaxing stay with a great night out to go along with it then I cannot recommend this Hostel enough.

Tokyo is full of Hostels but none of the stick to the same quality of Wise Owl Hostel, their staff are very friendly and most of them speak English. Along with this they are all willing to help you make your stay in Tokyo the best time possible.

The Hostel has 3 different room types:
Private rooms with double beds, These rooms are for those who are wanting the Hostel experience but still want their stay in Tokyo to be a bit more private or personal.

Family rooms, Perfect rooms for those who are travelling in a group and what to be together whether it be with friends or family these rooms are definitely the way to make your time at Wise Owl Hostel Tokyo cheaper and more group based.

Dormitories, If you are interested in the cheapest and more communal travel style than the cube capsule hotel style dormitory of Wise Owl Hostel Tokyo is the best way to make friends in Tokyo at a low cost and have a great time if you are a solo traveller looking to add to your travel group.

All in all the Wise Owl Hostel Tokyo is an absolute must from the team at Doga TV and we recommend every traveller in Tokyo to check this place out even if you are going to hit up the club or the izakaya.


Wise Owl Hostels Tokyo!

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Andrew Savage says:

best life advice 2017: Save water, drink sake

Raccoon Doggo says:

That sake oden looked awesome, man. I usually opt for Air BnBs when I go to Tokyo, but I’ll have to check this place out next time I’m in town. Chuo isn’t a bad location either.

pmexplore says:

LOL that drunken ladder. lol I cant even. I was in Austria couple years ago and I experienced that. I post travel related videos on my channel every now and then. You should check it out! Cheers!

Cajon Groove Guide says:

Another good video mate!

Kel Preston says:

dude id be the drunk ass that would stumble off the ladder lol.

this place is amazing! I know of typical hostels and this one is def not one of them. they offer a diverse variety of different amenities! if I need to stay in a hostel I know where I’m going lol.

Ivan says:

Hello, im kinda interested to stay in this place after seeing your video.
But i read some reviews about the family room where you mention the ladder thing, and they said the family room is in fact very small that there’s almost no place to open your suitcases.
The hostel itself doesnt have any picture with good angle to see it myself, maybe you can enlighten me? Thanks

joy12division says:

When staying in hostels or hotels in Japan, what are your thoughts on getting a place with mattresses vs “traditional” bedding on the tatami mats?

If you ever find yourself going to Hiroshima there is a hostel on the island across the bay on Miyajima that was super cool. Miyajima Guest House Mikuniya, owner speaks perfect english and has an awesome cat. Island has pretty much no nightlife but is awesome during the day.

Rachael Luedtke says:

yo fatjames fracno !! i love you man !

letter G Letter A says:

thanks. love your videos

Tiffany Nguyen says:

Your video was so helpful! But I’m wondering if you fit well in the bunk beds? Cause my friend is 5’8 and I’m worried about his feet sticking out, thank you!

キャット G says:

Khaosan branches have some newer place with amazing rooms, check them out, I worked for one once!!

thebat says:

how’s the bathrooms / comfort rooms? Is it private or shared? i was hoping you’d show it but didn’t feature it in your video.

Carlos steven de la Cruz says:

Hey man I’m planning on going to Tokyo around Nov I have a week off work and it’s been on my bucket list to go and take in the city maybe see a baseball game or some sort of sorting event any recommendations or must Dos for a newbie like myself

Nasse なっせ Sweden says:

I want to go to Tokyo but my kids don’t want to sleep in the same room because I snore :-/ How to solve that? Pay for two rooms. 🙁 $$$$

JHillLife says:

I’m glad to see people are enjoying this video

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