Beauty and the Beast ROOM TOUR at Tokyo Disneyland Resort

We stayed in the Beauty and the Beast character room at the Tokyo Disneyland Resort for my birthday earlier this year! What’s your favorite part of the room!? You can view and book one of the character rooms on the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel website:

Watch our first day in Hong Kong Disneyland:

Check out the food from our Shanghai Disneyland trip:

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Renae Melody says:

I’ve never needed to stay somewhere so badly in my life

Alimationproductions says:

OMG!!! That Tokyo Disney hotel is far more awesome!
I’m currently planning on a trip to Tokyo (1st visit and my 30th birthday) waiting for the right time to make a reservation at the Tokyo Disneyland hotel hopefully I can get the Alice in Wonderland themed room during my visit

cvl1030 says:

I love everything about this! I love the matching pj pictures.

Laura Cristina De La Espriella says:

Omg im jealous why dont they have this in orlando florida

BB-8's Channel says:

Thingamavlogs tiff you should go to village haus in Disneyland I heard the beauty and the beast food is already there 🙂

Douglas Rickard says:


Ashley Simon Vlogs says:

Thanks your the best!!

Bubblerame says:


alice fox says:

I would die If I were to ever in my life book a stay in the Alice In Wonderland room. OML x-x The Beauty and the Beast room took my Breathe Away!!! <3

Sam4G0d says:

LIFE GOAL is to stay here haha!

Shanthini Mahendran says:

Best character bedroom ever! The details with the references to the movie put into this room is incredible! I’m only surprised that coffee kettle isn’t shaped like Mrs Potts lol. Be it for coffee or tea haha.

Miriam Cuquerella says:

I keep watching this video over and over and I just LOOOVE how Tiff freaks out with everything!!!

sara joy says:

you know you’re insane when you start crying at a video of a disney hotel. NOT EVEN A DISNEY PARK. A HOTEL. i need help

Imaginative Light says:

Great walk through!
The only critique I have is that you move too fast XD But I understand the excitement of staying there.
It’s all so cool and magical!

Indigo Gaming says:

I need to go there now!!!!!!!! I know what I’m doing for one of my birthdays!!!!!!!!

Henry Bascombe says:

There’s too much going on

Jens Happy Home says:

Absolutely amazing!!!❤️❤️❤️

Enniati Rusli says:

I’m going to Tokyo Disneyland in June and your videos make me super excited. Except that the Disney resort rooms are fully booked. The ones we can afford anyway :/

959 qincai says:

magical room. japan so amazing

Nicole Jones says:


Jazzy Le says:

this is the most beautiful hotel room ive ever seen

Moonfire121 says:

Oh my gosh, I wanna live there.

The Truth Speaker says:

This chick needs to show more of her sweet knobs

Blair says:

i just booked this room for my trip in April and I am BEYOND excited now!!!

Ellie Taylor says:

I’m so jealous. Ugh. Happy very belated birthday! Or should I say, unbirthday.

Ashley Simon Vlogs says:

just curious by the way

Kier Simpson says:

[Texts Best friends to ask if They could please go to Disneyland Tokoyo]

Ashley Simon Vlogs says:

how much did you spend

Lina Chavez says:

it’s soooo beautiful

Alexasourus rex says:

I have a question, do you get to choose what character room you get?

Adam Khalam says:

✨ Awsome ✨✨ I love it ✨ Btw the bathroom is a Japanese style, meaning: it’s meant to get wet… We take shower first to be all cleaned to enjoy bath after… It comes from the tradition (still used in any Japan family) that Everyone in the family will use the same bath… So better to be cleaned ✨

Keith Glasser says:


The Princess and the Scrivener says:

[cries because Tokyo is so far]

Meli Mel says:

Tears somehow have gotten into my eyes. This room is too adorable OMG ;w;

kentokyo says:

You guys are great !!!!!
Come back to Tokyo again

hope Jowett-lawton says:

Is it me or would anyone else want to push all the beds together???!!!!!???!!? :0

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