AMAN TOKYO, the Japanese capital’s most luxurious hotel (PHENOMENAL): impressions & review

Read here my review of Aman Tokyo (pros & cons):

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LD says:

What is the music that starts at ~3:56? It is enchanting…

Bo Stark says:

Did not expect it to be that big, thought it as a more boutique style chain.

David Mathew says:

Nice review, Subscribed.

TheDeiinn says:

Why does the hotel only have 4 stars?

Alison Burt says:

I could watch them all day, they are so serene and calming.Please can you try some UK venues



DragonHeir92 says:

Perfect addition to my travel list. Great video and hotel! (On a technical note, good music choices too ^_^ )

Jassim M. says:

I spend way too much time on your videos :).. Thanks for all the amazing content!
Do you plan on travelling on Etihad A380 Residence anytime soon?

GGMEHD says:

The clean minimal design is quite breathtaking. Truly masters who made this.

demir demir says:


Chris Coombes says:

1st Class!

k9healthy says:

Thanks for the video. It’s so detailed.

LØRD MNŁ says:

your channel is the best you make us travel around the world in the most luxurious hotels what can we ask for thank you

TDN says:

too bad I’m poor

Paul Jakubowski says:

Please stop adding so many link balloons in the video. Distracts from the content.


were those cigars free? lol

man7j says:

Great video. Great music. Great hotel. Do you have a play list?

Will Orr says:

My favourite hotel you’ve filmed so far, great video thanks.

Hotel Reviews says:

good work

Vivian Edinburgh says:

Thanks for the cool video

Sylvia Spiker says:

Why no link to hotel site?

Divinecross says:

at more than 1K$ a night this better be hella good lmao

James Howitt says:

auto closing bogs are freaky. Can’t compute.

laki74 says:

Love your vlogs, but the red banners that constantly pop-up is really starting to annoy me. It takes you out of the moment.

The León Travel Bureau says:

Interesting how a top tier luxury hotel would have grammatical errors on their guest correspondence. Guess they are not very detail oriented. Not a good impression.

Vuk Perović says:

Some people sayin’ like “I woldn’t want to be in that kind of envoirment.
– Yes, that’s such a shitty hotel. You’re definetly not jealous.

Hirofumi Natsui says:

I’mma take my mom to this hotel … just cafe …

Wayne Harris says:

Beautiful hotel. We stayed at the Park Hyatt. Thanks for posting.

Francis Bagbey says:

Hey, you Don’t Likes out there, please explain. thanks

Wolvy Logan says:

seems like they are imitating certain hotel design, certain hotel concept by a particular hotel chain and will not mention who, lol

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