$600 Luxury HOTEL in JAPAN | In-Room Private Onsen

Maiko and I stayed at a luxurious hotel called Isaribi in Izu, Shizuoka for our Birthday. We enjoyed a private hot spring bath tub, first class dinner and breakfast served in our room. To us, it was more than we usually spend but to others maybe not? Regardless we enjoyed every minute of it. Tell us what you guys think! Affordable or Expensive?

Hotel info – Isaribi
– https://goo.gl/hbYUXy

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1:20 – Hotel Arrival
When we got to the hotel, they carried our luggage very quickly to our room and offered a valet service. In the lobby, we enjoyed matcha as a welcome drink with Japanese sweets. The view from the lobby was awesome too!

2:19 – Room Review
The staff took us to our room and explained everything we needed to know about the room like how to use the hot spring bath tub, where to get drinks, yukata size guidance and so on. It was perfect.

2:55 – Hot Spring Review
Our room had a private hot spring(onsen), but this hotel also offers private hot spring in a certain time.

4:21 – Dinner Review
Right at the time we reserved our dinner, a staff in kimono came to prepare our dinner. How she served us and explained every little details about each dish were so proper. The food was exquisite.

6:29 – Next morning and breakfast
Taking a bath in a private hot spring in the morning was exclusive. Just as the dinner, the same staff came to serve breakfast for us in the room.

7:13 – My final thought
We LOVED the hotel. In general, people select hotels by 1. Hot Spring (Bath tub) 2. Dinner and 3. Breakfast, and this hotel has it all. Especially the food was a lot more than we expected.

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Clear Silver says:

$600 for someone else to set the table, cook your food and to show the parking lot your naked body before having a bath…

Iris Jefferson says:

I would pay the $600. It looks amazing!

Amberlovesitforu Review's says:

Your so cute great VIDEO

mrsfrodo9 says:

I Would pay 600 for the hotel. Looks nice.
Kurama ryokan and Onsen Close to Kyoto is nice AS we’ll. No private Onsen. You get Dinner in your room, a Lot and its a nice Place.

Caleb Collier says:


Content Cop

yaoyao38 says:


Edward w says:

Hentai @2:01

Shiba Inu says:

Oh so it’s 300 per person? That’s actually a great deal, totally worth it for all 4 meals included.

Kristin Masse says:

I think spending $600 on something like this for a special occasion once in a while is nice – my boyfriend and I have paid $500 for a hotel room with a jacuzzi, champagne, and breakfast room service in the morning in Canada. Again, a very rare treat but it is nice to spoil yourself occasionally!

aprilfoolsy says:

I think it is worth it. would pay that and more for the experience.

Bozo The Clown says:

Please give Maiko more camera time. Paola de camera hog Guzman. Lol JK bud…. NOT

Deadly Raver says:

$600 a night. I say damn son!!!
Still, it did look very nice IMO. Late happy birthday.

JJJ Happy says:

Love the song at the beginning. What’s the name of it? 0.52+ Pleaseeee let me know.

Stephanie Esguerra says:

Just subbed! Hey, are you Filipino by any chance? 🙂

25Reborn says:

That’s one expensive hotel 🙂 food kicks ass! Looks really yummy

Anthony Martinez says:

You only live once.
so go and Live It Up!

Jane Leelavathi says:

I always felt that when you spend this kind of money on a hotel, it makes you more resistant to leaving the room during the day and exploring the local area and it’s culture. I would feel a little guilty paying that much money for essentially a room to sleep in overnight. I’d rather spend the extra money on places to eat or activities.

Oli Eats Cookies says:

i feel like $600 could get you a better luxury hotel in the UK or Europe. This hotel is nice but its not that extremely luxury, at least not to my taste and definition.

Mike D says:

You need to buy some filters for your lenses, so you wont get that washout when filming, plus change the settings of the camera, dont always have it on auto for every single shot.

Osama A says:

it’s nice to stay in hotel but 600$ too much

Clorox Bleach says:

I’d pay 600 for 4-5 days but only 1 is a little too much.

Hamid S says:

$600 A NIGHT! That is expensive

SicJake says:

Was dinner included? if not way too expensive

Just me says:

I would pay for a completely traditional ryokan

Starbrand says:

Hi Paolo! I stumbled upon your channel while searching for Tokyo videos. I’m very impressed by the simplicity and fine editing skills of your content. Would you mind ever making a vid of how you cut vids together? Best wishes to you and your girlfriend from New York!

Nika Fuchs says:

Interesting experience I guess. I would love to spend all day in the bath and onsen. But to me it’s a really high price, too high. The room is just not my taste and the color on the walls and beside the bath tub could use some renovation as far as I see it in the video. But I’m not one that takes hotel vacation. I usually just sleep there and eat somewhere else. So I don’t want to spend so much money on a room.

miaco2002 says:

Love it, would def pay $600 for a night there

Donna XX. says:

Just wanted to say thank you for sharing the details of your visit. I’ve never been to Japan, and to see someone share such a personal visit (it was your birthday treat after all) was a nice thing. I’m sure that it was a “once in a lifetime” treat… hey, you gotta do something nice for yourselves once in a while, after all. And you did say you made the decision to do this instead of other spending – so you did put a lot of thought into it before you did it, to not “break the bank” as the saying goes. So…memories for a lifetime!

thanks for sharing!

impumagirl says:

I thought it cost more before you told us. OMG it’s in the title … I’m apparently not very observant at 5 am.

Kamote Tops says:

I know tipping is not customary in Japan, but I will feel bad not tipping the food server after that good service. Is there a way for giving a tip and not be viewed as rude?

Kaila's Page says:

Yea that was so cool! and-its worth it.

gaiadove says:

I stayed in a $500 dollar per person hotel in Kyoto… it was amazing.

Link Cullum says:

A night?!! Bruh… i agree… do better…

AudioVision says:

Totally worth the cost when you consider the service and extras for two people .. 🙂 ill be sure to visit it once i have moved out to Tokyo for January 2018 😉

Carla says:

600$ for a night is really out of my budget. If I could afford it I would go for it, since I’m studying Hotel Management and the more you experience and see other realities the better. For the whole experience I think it’s a reasonable price, having in mind the amazing looking food, the convenience of being able to eat it in your room with personal servie (someone who sets the table and explains the dishes and how to eat them), and the in room Onsen with a beautiful view to the sea whish is really the main point in here (even thought, I think it was overshadowed by the food service ahaha). Overall it’s a great way to experience Japanese culture in a relaxed environment.

Vanya Vanya says:

next birthday you guys should check out this onsen 😀 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LymbK37sCwE its cheaper per person but its next to a waterfall 😀

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