The biggest hotel we’ve ever stayed | MARINA BAY SANDS

Happy new year! I hope you enjoy this hotel review in Singapore

Stay at the Marina Bay Sands:

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Albus says:

she likes it big

bomb mc says:

U guys came to singapore n had the chance to stay in that hotel, i live in singapore n i have not even step foot into tat hotel once
7:08 tat 2 giant buildings r called flower dome n cloud forest, it is n indoor air conditioned green house(?)

“This is the best hotel i have ever stayed in”
Me: welcome to singapore

Eric Cartman says:

Is this a standard room at marina bay sands?

CasperMelchiorBalthasar says:

Such beautiful boobs!

Teoh Sim says:

Enjoy Singapore

Yifan Chen says:

The biggest hotel we’ve ever stayed | MARINA BAY SANDS (GETS EMOTIONAL)

paseey says:

dang dalena you give af. porn with me?

lolsarahr says:

the ending killed me lmao you guys are the best! happy new year ! hope you guys enjoy many adventures together !

melliebelliee 0622 says:

Is this the first video without food? 😮

Jirokun1337 says:

omg, Dalena looks sooo delic….

285 Soulja says:

Lmao Delana swan!

Dimes says:

ILY guys! Dalena is so cute, I can’t even. Not gunna lie, part of me wants to hate on her because she makes me jealous with the amount she can eat and still look amazing, meanwhile I eat a grape and gain 10kg. D: If you guys are potatoes I am an eggplant, lol. .___. But I can’t help but love her because she is so funny and cute and lovely. You are both the best. I used to have a love like yours once, and when I see you guys it makes me kinda nostalgic. It’s a beautiful relationship. I hope you cherish each other and never take it for granted. Sorry its late and I’m rambly, haha. Great video as always.

Jacy xx says:

Super random but does anyone know why dalena cant eat pork?

Yatori San says:

Come back to mychony please

HF OG says:

Chonnyday how long are you going to stay in sg?

Celeste Chen says:

Welcome to my country! Great seeing you guys enjoying Singapore!

Giffica says:

Australia must have awful hotels…this is just regular in america? huh?

vietfattyxD says:

Y’all did it that night . Can’t resist the love towels

debjyoti dutta says:

Singapore stafz frm air to govt to htel or other use to b lets say human bt they are jus human to publicity . . . . They dnt do much quality work for regular folks

Mono gram adikt says:

marina bay sands = basically the most expensive visit to a swimming pool in the world lol, the rooms are ridiculously oversized imo

Melanie Lunsford says:

I was waiting for Chonny to turn on the water in the tub when Dalena was in it, but he didn’t!!

Rune Angel says:

XD that’s Singapore for you….. Wait till you go on SIA…

Jirokun1337 says:


Celie BellyB3 says:

i looked up the room its AUD $ 882.90 or USD $ 623.76

Hi SomeGuyontheinternet says:

Me as an Asian person: (I’m Asian) Wouw! Dis man duh uh……….. Chinese? You kno, da Ching Chong shit?

SoJ1RoTV says:

Aaayyyy the god of gamblers reference!!!

Kenneth Ong says:

R u guys still in Singapore? Any fan meet? Lol

Tyler Naidoo says:

You must have thousands of slippers at your house.

Elder Lich says:

looks like orchid suite in tower 2 floor 46-48, some of the rooms on the lower floors between 5-15 are larger than this, for this floor there is a secondary lift at the back that is like a VIP lift it goes from the carpark all the way to the room and 55 floor, reduces waiting times for the lift and is more private

Juju says:

I just saw ur gf in Melbourne tho

Cyproduction says:

3:03 Such a amazing reaction from Dalena, I wanna give her a hug

a1qfxs says:

this is so big . . . is what she said

Patrick Truong says:

Can u guys pls go to thailand and vietnam

pde442 says:

Awesome video

SpicyNoodleGum says:

I recommend going to Dreamworld on your video. Your videos are good. Keep it up!

Shafiq Rahman says:

That ending to the video! HAHA

maximanium says:

Did you find the room thermostat is locked to some abnormally cold temperature?

jrukawa11 says:

Damn big the pair of spec

Lay Khim Ng says:

Can u do SG 7 eleven ?

RandomPsychic says:

wont last. chonny is bored….make a kid or move on with asian spoof vids.

Welcomedcompany Lol says:

I love you guys !!!! Me and my wife saw all your japan vlogs !!!!! We were so inspired that we actually took a trip :p and vlogged our experience. You have a new subscriber here. My wife has been already a subscriber for a long time already though lol.

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