Marina Bay Sands Hotel Singapore: full tour (spectacular rooftop pool)

Read my review of Marina Bay Sands here:

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Hidolf Atler says:

20:20 .. This swim guard has to have the best job in the world. Imagine sitting in that high chair all day enjoying this view.

Niraj Pradhan says:

Your video is too long and it really needs patience to watch it don’t you think u shld tryn make it interesting n short

jooho kim says:

I went their at 8/14~8/15. It was really cool. The best thing was infinite pool. The view was awesome. I want to go their one more time.

Steve Glave says:

Spent a week in Singapore in 2016, but stayed at the Marina Mandarin across the bay from the MBS. We did walk around the MBS and watched the sunset from the rooftop. It is a spectacular hotel, and I thought I would regret not staying there, but once I saw how crowded and noisy the public areas were I was glad we didn’t. Watching your video makes me want to go back to Singapore, it’s such a beautiful country.

Ay Ak says:

Finaly. I was waiting for your review.

I’ve been there once. And you named it exactly right. It is also my oppinion that especially the check in/out area feels more like an airport than like an luxury hotel. The long waiting line makes it feel also less exclusive. Although the rooms are nice,the view is amazing and the service is well educated and trained. Except your own room everywhere is crowded and busy. From the Check in to the Pool-Roof. ITS is more a kind of a mass production feeling.

As you mentioned. There are not just the Hotel guest of the 2500 rooms. Also Tourists and visitors who use the shops and Restaurants. Its like a busy city…or Disney Land 🙂

No doubt it is good Hotel and very well managed.
But comparing to other luxury Hotels is like comparing Mercedes to Bentley I would say.

The MBS offers often discount faires for round 300 dollar standard room as I remeber well. So it is worth to experience once in live the unique view from the room and the pool. But I would say one whole day is totaly enough to experience the hotel.
For longer stays I would choose another Hotel.

XxLizzy Studios says:

I’ve went here before and it was amazing! I went there in the school holidays and I loved the hotel. It was also my first time going to another country! The swimming pool was my favorite part, I got a room with my aunt and brother. I liked how I got to stay in for a night because the bed was so soft and it made me fall right asleep! >W< The bathroom was fancy and I LOVED it! I also went to Universal Studios and my trip to Singapore was the best! We also had a firework show near the hotel when we were about to leave Singapore, I'll never forget the memories there. :3 P.S. There was Starbucks there and it was my first time going to Starbucks because I was born in Burma/Myanmar also Toys R Us and many other things! The best thing was that my grandmother, grandfather, aunt and uncle came with meh and click my profile and in my videos had recorded the show in Singapore, the show was awesome! @w@

Fahira Fauzi says:

I WANT TO GO TO MBS SO BAD! Btw I didn’t know that they had jacuzzis and I live in Singapore

David Stuckey says:

I lived in Singapore during the 1960’s. I can’t believe how much it has changed.

B- A says:

Amazing building , but a little to big for me .

Yap Gim Kwee says:

for 600 dollars and all you get is a room you can get in bangkok for 50. but here ‘ s the catch
.. the night view us spectacular and also there is a great party/ bar feel at night and the infinity pool at night is amazing.

Karis Wa Ngugi says:

Magnificent ❤❤

Krister Sjödin says:

Singapore is not a democracy. Stay away!

Pradyum Darji says:

Excellent video covering
everything g of hotel with spectacular views and city line during day and night vision. I recaptured all moments which i had spent in days and two nights.
Thanks for nice presentation.

KiwiboiNZ says:

where was the footage from club lounge?

阿山哥 says:

this is so good , it has put it on my list

Jan Koning says:

Wow very very beautiful and amazing!

kokukyvuquable says:

Wouldn’t be caught dead in it. Like staying at a train station.

Tn says:

Really nice

Sue Anne Rush says:


Yap Gim Kwee says:

not my kind of hotel. the kind of hotel I like is more Bali resort

Dr. Wendy says:

music and cinematography makes me feel like I’m watching Titanic

Deek Roumy says:

If you don’t mind, what type of camera you’re using. Also do you use joy stick as well. Thanks in advance.

Noel Ben Dunsky says:

Thank you so much for a wonderful and well created video. The relaxing music adds a lot 🙂

Patrick V says:

I’m going to Singapore next year and we are thinking of staying there. Looks amazing!

chandan prasad says:

These trees at the top might feel so lucky to be planted at such a height…

Night AirBNB says:

사용하는 카메라와 짐벌은 어떤것인가요? 촬영 방법을 많이 배웁니다

Lisa D says:

wow, it’s literally my dream to go there someday

Nipun 89 says:

People calling this crowded would pass out if they visit India…lol

eniretak33 Pal says:

Il y a un côté clair et un côté obscur de ce toit. Le côté clair, c’est celui qui donne sur la mer. Un spectacle fascinant. La jubilation d’être en Asie et dominer de si haut l’Océan, de cette façon On a l’impression que c’est l’infini qui s’offre à nous. Mais il n’y a de ce côté que le jacuzzi et pas beaucoup de place ( 24.12 )
Par contre, je ne comprends pas la fascination qu’ont tant de gens pour les gratte-ciel. Je n’irai jamais à la piscine dans un endroit pareil. On a ça dans le monde entier, et c’est partout la même laideur.
Singapour semble une ville extraordinaire, avec ce dôme de fleurs et le Supertrees Grove. On aimerait bien voir ça

Peter hoang says:

Have stayed here many times, with each stays becoming more soulless and more commercial.

ozzycarnut says:

excellent video, thank you. i cant help but feel the marina bay sands certainly has that airport feel. @ 13:25 poor suitcase. may i suggest rimowa luggage for the amount of travel you do. i have had antler and samsonite, both about 5 years old and after many journeys are now falling apart. as such i would not purchase these again. i will concede that i am quite tough on luggage so i guess its all relative. i am just about to stump up the cash for rimowa, i think its worth the investment.

Sebastien LICHT says:

stayed there january 20+ room 4555 , not crowded at all , or maybe the lifts a really well programmed to reach the pool …..

Zachariah Richland says:

Whats the title of the music 19:00

vanitha vanitha says:

My homeland <3

Nasir nice song Mansuri says:


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