Andaz Maui at Wailea DETAILED Hotel Review

A DETAILED review of the Andaz Maui at Wailea Resort including the beach in front of the Andaz, the pools, the common areas, the diamond breakfast, and the inside of a 2 Queen Mountain View room. I also stayed at the Hyatt Regency Maui and I definitely like the Andaz better. The reason to stay here is definitely the beach. The beach in front of the Andaz is a beautiful sandy beach with excellent snorkeling. While the room rates are expensive, it includes free beach chairs, umbrellas, and sunscreen.

The breakfast buffet at the Andaz is definitely one of the best buffet breakfasts that I’ve had in a hotel. The breakfast buffet is about $50 a person, Hyatt Diamond members get the breakfast for free.


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missT1806 says:

Awesome review! Got me so excited for our trip. We’ll be staying 5nights at the andaz. Do you think it’s useful to rent a car for the trip? You mentioned a courtesy car/ride how does that work? We did Oahu and Kauai 2yrs ago but didn’t stay at a resort so did a lot more driving. This feels like there’s so much already going on at the andaz I wonder if we really need a car. Thanks for the advice and review

Peter MacKillop says:

I love gekkos

Richard McCarley says:

I love getting lei’d by the valet!

Phil M says:

You do a nice job on your reviews. We can’t afford the Andaz but stay just up the hill and walk right next to the Andaz to get to the beach and do the beach walk every morning. Geckos don’t make a mess, eat bugs, and are generally considered good luck. Almost every house has resident geckos. Knowing a lot about Maui I appreciate that you catch on fast and you give good advice. Now, how can I get a room at the Andaz for <$200/night for two. Ha Ha Ha

Richard McCarley says:

Grandpa Richard hates when he gets sandy beach bottom!

agnostician says:

Is Topher the cameraman?

노을이 says:

Thanks for such great review! We are going to Andaz in a month with two kids (4 and 10 yr olds). Is this hotel and guests kids friendly? I don’t see too many kids swimming in the pool and I am a bit worried about our kids being the only loud ones!

NanoTanksForBAM says:

Hey I have a question for you!! My fiancé and I are getting married next year and we are considering The Andaz for our honeymoon as well as the Ritz Carlton. Do you think the Andaz will be a nice place to stay for our first visit to Hawaii?

Scottman895 Travel says:

I have never seen a hotel with an open lobby before which I find really neat. The resort looks really beautiful, and the views look great. If I happen to visit Maui, I’ll definitely need to keep this resort in mind even if there happens to be a gecko in the room. It will be pretty cool to see one (although I would still have the staff remove it from the room) as it would be a memorable experience as long as it doesn’t sell me car insurance. Great review!


LOVE LOVE your channel! My honey and I will be taking our first trip to Hawaii in September and we chose the island of Maui! Based off of your experience, do you think 10 days in Maui will be too long and we could possibly get bored after 5 days? I only ask cuz a few ppl told us we would and should’ve chosen Oahu and few others told us otherwise. What do you think!?

Insta _ says:

Thx this is what i needed

luvmirh8mi says:

Hi would you recommend Andaz to a family with 17 yrs old and 5 yrs old kids. Is the place kids friendly ? How about Hyatt Regency Maui?

Jim Mitchell says:

Nothing is complimentary dude it $ 600.00 a night nothing is free you paid for it…

Zarah McIntosh says:

Geckos are a sign of good luck! 🙂

HyRo Productions says:

Great review. I just subscribed to your channel and watched every video about Hawaii so far!

Sara Baker says:

I loved watching your review!! Thank you for doing this. Question: Andaz says they have bicycles included with your room stay to take out. Did you use those? Was it easy to get one? What condition are they in. Any catches there?

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