TINY Hotel Room Tour – Washington Jefferson, New York City

When I visited New York this past summer, I was in need of a fairly cheap place to stay in Manhattan. This isn’t an easy task. After looking around a bit, I decided to take a chance and go for a Hotwire Hot Rate deal. With one of these deals, you essentially pay up front and then find out where you’re staying (not a technique I’d recommend). In this case, I ended up at little hotel called the Washington Jefferson. While the hotel was honestly quite nice, this was by far the smallest hotel room I’ve ever seen. Perhaps the most surprising feature was the private bathroom. With rooms this small, I’d almost expect the hotel to be set up more like a dorm. But for a little over $100/night, I wasn’t about to complain.

I tried using their website to see what their actual rate is. For November 8th, it’s quoting $280!! There’s absolutely no way I would have spent that much money for this little room, but I was quite satisfied for the rate that I paid. While tiny, the room was in very nice shape and very functional. I suppose being in such a small room made the trip feel like more of an adventure.

TripAdvisor review (screen capture): http://www.theelevatorchannel.net/extra-content/washington-jefferson-hotel-new-york-july-2014
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Sub-account says:

I wouldn’t mind staying in this room for a while.

amarvasandani | Elevators of Indonesia says:

Is there lifts over here? If yes, what’s the brand?

Following the Map says:

Smaller than a microtel room.

Sam Sitar says:

room furniture is great there.  look at my room tour also.  what a skinny bathroom. 

William Scoufaras says:

This is obviously a older Hotel

georgef551 says:

Makes the $455/nt at the Marquis (when I stayed the night) seem like a bargain.
$280 for that room? Nope.
Nice hotel, it appears to be, but not the price point.

Andy Francis says:

What a small room I love it

Golden Castles Crystal Streams says:

needs lighting

The Elevator Channel says:

I’d say that this is without a doubt the most unique hotel room I’ve ever stayed in.  Sure, there are smaller hotel rooms around the world (believe it or not), but they usually aren’t full-service rooms with a private bathroom.  Hotel Room Tour – Washington Jefferson, New York City

MGIII says:

Oh wow, I forgot to comment on this! Whoops.. 
Yeah, that’s a nice hotel uh..cubical. And that’s probably about as nice as your going to get if your going cheap. I was talking to my workout trainer a month back and he said that he payed $230/night for a hotel down there and it was absolute shit! 
Same for my uncle when he went down there, he said that the hotel had a friggin school in it so whenever he was going up/down the elevator he saw kids going with backpack’s in it going to school. 
But this is at least luxurious. Not at all shitty…just a cubical. 
Grade=A(For what it was.) 

Tyred says:

You need to come to Australia and stay in an Ibis Budget lol then you will know the meaning of basic.

historiclift27 says:

Fascinating reminds me of a European style room I stayed in at The Faust Hotel in New Braunfels Texas the room was a little bigger with desk full bed but the bathroom even smaller. The room had not been enlarged or anything since it was built in 1929 but I loved how unmodern the hotel was even the elevator was an original 1929 electric elevator only buttons had been changed and the car itself only 2 speeds

Rodj says:

Whats that thing under the window?

Daniel28021991 says:

Small but nice room

Charles Raymond says:

what street in New York City is the Washington Jefferson hotel at? looks like a dorm room? I been in New York many times.

22408aaron says:

Even though its limited size, they did a really good job making it “cozy”, mixing current design to please almost anyone. And in a place like this, there really is no reason for a huge hotel room for one person. This is a good trend, that should be in most hotels. 

Christian Lifts N' More says:

Everything looks nice and clean except this one question is really bugging me. Why is there a phone jack in the bathroom?!? :/

IDLift3000 says:

I’ve stayed in a tiny hotel room exactly like this one in Tokyo, Japan. It’s called Horidome Villa Hotel and I’ve stayed there before twice. The bathroom in there is even smaller than yours, it’s like a bathroom in a ships cabin.

Charles Raymond says:

Reminds me of my Brother’s Dorm Room at College in his Freshman Year.

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