Staying At The Worst Reviewed Hotel in NYC with Philip Solo TV

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Sonic says:

Why you gave the keys to someone? You should have thrown them away !

Mickel Smith says:

89% of these clicks are for Phil and N.Y. and you couldn’t link his channel or put yaheard in the description??…smh

JD Rome says:

65 dollars and not even tax included for that???
You get 5 star rooms here for 80 bucks…

Brett the redneck stalhei says:

Water for 1.25 haha

no more locked doors!! Gracias says:

This would be great for hotel hell lol. Gordon Ramsay would shit bricks haha

Caleb harris says:

Well you definitely have bed bugs now

patio87 says:

Dan Bell said there was going to be copy cats, and now you’re here.

Adam Stevenson says:

Charles Bukowski would have come down the hall and beaten the shit out of these twerps. lol

curtis lawson says:

Bed bugs yikes

Brad Hall says:

If 537 had free liquor they may have taken it

Myth The Cat says:

*oh shit we’re dying in here?*

Cary’s Arsenic says:

“It smells like a peppermint took a shit in there, dude…”

I was laughin’ so hard at that I had to pause the video.

Girl in the Striped Sweater says:

This is pretty much what I thought New York would be like.

Wasabi_Me says:

You guys need to make videos together. This is hilarious

podycheck says:

How does a place like this stay open? They must be bribing the health inspector.

Vanessa Nicole Makeup says:

Damn that was nasty I’m glad you guys got outta there

OvenfreshDeth says:

Was this World Hotel in Chinatown?

dbrayx9 says:


Whychou says:

The room looks like a nightmare were your chained up and somebody with a animal mask walks in and turns on a camera and than he/she begins to tourture you…

cristian mateus says:

What’s Sodapopping doing in this video?

IAmZebra says:

Is this the most views on the only video on a channel ever?


Anyone else finding the lack of camera focus really annoying?

Downward Spiral says:

Imagine walking into this hotel and you see people running in and out of the door, people walking around naked, and other guests strolling about in hazmat suits.

Wasabi_Me says:

“These aren’t the clear fucking latex gloves- They’re blue!”

Zjinn says:

I wouldn’t give that key to my worst enemy…

哥们Shen Wei says:

Gordon Ramsey where you at?

Brandon Yaraghi says:

unbelievable. have so much more content coming just waitttttt on itttt love you all

George says:

I got bed bugs just watching this video

KM flips says:

The guy at the desk didn’t seem wierd

Rae Martin Music says:

Stab yourself in the neck and then check into the worst rated hospital in town and see if you survive.

MonsterKat says:

Looks like a crack house/apartment.

Aldous Yelxuh says:

No black light?

7hundredd says:

I wonder how much rich boy paid Philip?

Morgan C says:

6:53 you can see the roach on the bed moving when he pulls the sheet off. Gahhhh.

swizzy bk says:

in the neighborhood youre in thats considered a nice room lol

Ironclaw XII says:

What the fuck? 500k views on the regular but only 6k subs. Start subscribing to this guy you lazy cunts!

rhdh drhdrh says:

Aaron Paul had it rough since breaking bad ended

burak says:

wait you german? lol

Biscuits McGee says:

Morningside Inn on the Upper West Side is also cheap. Kind of a shithole, but not nearly as bad as that place. Stayed two night and didn’t see any bugs.

yuliakl2000 says:

Deadass thought this was my man samwell tarly

MonsterKat says:

Healthy Sodapoppin

Fuentes says:

Damn.. poor girl.. i heard she got herpes now..

Akimbomiddlefingers says:

clicked off as soon as he said “it’s lit out here”

The Original Gamer says:

A couple of bitches like you should be happy to have such a palace to serve your customers in. But no, you can’t even make me smile. I want my fucking money back.


well it is 30$ a night in manhattan. for some it is the only option to see NYC. do not be so bougie

patio87 says:

Oh wow, you guys are great people passing on the key to that absolute crime and disease infected hotel to a nice unsuspecting girl and her boyfriend and acting like you are doing a good deed.

Ryan says:

You and Phil should change the title to review. You fuckers aren’t staying there!

A says:

U must be really brave to take a room key from a guy in a dollar store hazmat suit

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