New York Review

Eat your heart out, Casey.

The opening theme is Ukiyo – My Eyes:

A HUGE thanks to the guest animator for this episode, Benjamin Basic. You can follow him on Twitter @BenBasic. He did an OUTSTANDING job on this one, and I loved all of the little easter eggs he worked in. Give him some love guys!

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Roondar Lastname says:

If you’re looking for another vacation spot and you enjoy hiking in any way I’d suggest you visit Zion National Park and the nearby town of Springdale in southern Utah; it’s quite a nice place, but I’d suggest you come in the early spring as it’s much less crowded and hot.

Minifridge says:

oh my jesus i got an ad when you said “aren’t ads annoying”

AudioGardenSlave says:

Can you do a review of the jarring transition between crisp home audio and camera audio from outdoor recording?

KelanDWood says:

Times Square is great at night but in the daytime it’s like who the hell cares

Samuel 1738 says:

Hi Quinton! I found you just recently on YouTube. You’re now one of my favorite uprising Youtubers. You’re gonna grow big, I’m calling it. You just got yourself a new fan.

TAR monster says:

“arent ads just annoying?”
*plays ad*
you are playing a dangerous game quinton…

Peter Smith says:

I was just up in New York and I have visited the city a few times and it is highly overrated. Most of it seems like a museum with lots of touristy places to see but nothing substantial to do other than find places to eat. That said, the food ranges from okay to fantastic just as it does in any other city in the world. And I truly believe the pizza in New York and Chicago are both overly hyped. I have had equal or better pizza in many other cities including a number of places in Florida and California.

Corvec says:

From a New Yorker, New York is kinda like YouTube. You can get whatever you want and find something that will amaze and awe you if you look hard enough and there will be a ton of things you think are crap but others will love. And as long as you steel yourself against the trolls and angst then you will find some semblance of joy. Oh and yes food is very important.

NoahesFrio says:

What’s with the title change on this video? It used to be “New York Review” which I thought was a much funnier title.

Toastersquirrel says:

WTF. He made the quip about ads being annoying and then an ad popped up

MrFox says:

I like how their Trump impression just sounds like JFK with more capitalism.

Herbert Huffington says:

Spoken like a true tourist

Roblox Family Friendly says:

Wow aren’t ads annoying *gets ad* thanks

Oberfeldwebel says:

Nice paperboy hat

Quinton Reviews says:

Hey guys! Brendan here! A HUGE thanks to the guest animator for this episode, Ben Basic. I was blown away by the work that Ben put into this episode. Not only has he proven himself to be a fantastic animator time and time again, but he also has continuously proven himself to be a fan of the channel by putting in so many absolutely astounding and hilarious easter eggs to this history of this series. Be sure to check him out below and give him some love.

jcbluejr01 says:

Eyy, you visited my home city. Sweet!

MrHappyJuice says:

Wtf. Did you purposefully time that ad bit just before an ad plays on your video???

FoolsGold 47.01011 says:

NY is deadest pixel evAr

FoolsGold 47.01011 says:

BEE death to slow movie……

Evanite says:

6:55 “Aren’t ads annoying?”

*Inserts ad*

unnunn12 says:

Your fan meeting moments are the only ones I find interesting because you’re just as awkward as I am and you make me feel good about myself

MERCV says:

Казалось бы, причем здесь Украина

Aaron Morton says:

If you loved New York City, you should visit DC (assuming you haven’t). It is absolutely gorgeous, sunny, and the sense of history you get as you walk around is so strong and immense.

spaggard says:

is that a banana in your pocket?

mchsminers says:

I fall for the ad joke every time

Andre Bonaparte says:

Just found your channel – Thank you for keeping the sub culture of youtube alive. Stay strong!

mrcheesemunch says:

As someone who lives in Scotland and has only ever went as far as England…I would literally only want to go to New York for the food.
That never dawned on me before.
Everything else people talk about like Broadway shows, Madison Square Garden etc etc don’t interest me in the slightest and if they did they’d probably be too expensive for me to go to anyway, if I could even get a seat.
Media portrays this city as this big sprawling funhouse but yeah if I think about it…literally 99% of the time it’s talk about the food.Are there any other activities at all besides that and looking at things? Because honestly big buildings don’t impress me, not enough that I’d get hours of enjoyment out of being in one.

BirdInFlight says:

New York is horrible and loud and dirty and smelly and gross and crowded and overrated and I love it

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