New York New York Hotel & Casino 2018

We never did an official New York New York video, so enjoy our tour of the hotel & casino! We filmed this walkthrough on a Friday night between 6-8p.

#LiLV – Living in Las Vegas


D J says:

She looks like Virginia Madsen.

Las Vegas UTV Tours says:

Good video. Some stuff outside the strip too!

tracey ellison says:


J D says:

I’m going for the 1st time. Thank you so much for this awesome video.

raven Joyner says:

Nice video I’ll be in Vegas next Friday

Donna Graham says:

How long have you been in Las Vegas

Mark Cappuccio says:

On my first to Vegas in 2002, shortly after 9/11. There was a display of t-shirts left by a lot fire companies in memory of those fire people that died on 9/11. God Bless!

harbar3000 says:

No disrespect to her boyfriend, but that is a pretty girl!!!

Nate Curtis says:

Great walk thru!! You two deserve a show on travel channel!!!


I was at Tuttle Mall yesterday!!! We will be in Vegas next month spreading Ohio love! maybe we will cross paths

Doug Walker says:

Just did my walk through yesterday with a stop off at slot world.

Johnny mahsrow says:

In 2001, we were here when they open the ESPN ZONE at the New York New York. Fast forward to 2009, and it’s no longer there. We love that place. This was their grand opening July of that year.

OldPkeFan says:

Going for the first time to vegas ever in two weeks and I’ll be staying at nyny

Mike Torre says:

I’ll be there next week for my 2nd time. Inspiring video! Good job!!

HJshakin' says:

I’m really enjoying watching your guys videos! Thanks for doing them. Can’t wait to come to Vegas!

Bluemoon Chirker says:

Love your videos of vegas. We are over there in June coming from a not so Sunny North Wales in Uk . 2nd time for me and have seen some great ideas on your videos
Keep it up . VEGAS BABY !!!

Darren Conley says:

You guys are from Dublin?

j t says:

Not much activity in las vegas . Why ?

errk25 says:

Ate at Nine Fine Irishman there. Good food and music.

kimmy cuthbert says:

New York New York has a weird smell when you enter

Nate Curtis says:

haha when that kid was screaming and you said family friendly vegas. hilarious

cance7984 says:


Richard W says:

Neither M&Ms or Hershey, although they are both good. My fave is Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews.

Zoe Haskell says:

Thank you, guys. I’m thinking about staying here next time. I hope the Live music stage is always there.

Gary Moss says:

nice enjoyed

Rafael Guzman says:

I was just in Vegas a few days ago and had a blast. Is changed over the last 20 years. Always so fun to go there. I love it.

Harvey Banks says:

do the cosmopolitan please, love your ,love your videos

Terry H. says:

young lady in the red T-shirt looks a lot like a young Virginia Madsen the actress.

Smug Smugly says:

4:46 the gal in the white dress is inbred

sublimefan661 says:

You guys are great! thanks for all the uploads!

Fred Knox says:

I agree: thank you for the historic intro for those of us who have been visiting here since 1965. Thank you for taking us along on the fun tour.

TaraRockRevival BeBe says:

I like M&M

Texas Aggie Gal says:

I saw Michael Jackson here in 2002. We were walking around the casino and saw a big crowd of people and a lot of excitement. Got a little closer and saw that it was MJ. One of the employees told us that he came there a lot because he loved to ride the rollercoaster. True story.

Kendra Taylor says:

Can’t wait to go and stay here with my husband May 12th-15th…heard so many great things about NYNY!

Mark Cappuccio says:

M & M’s.

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