Inside the Most Expensive Hotel Room in New York City

The $50,000 per night Ty Warner Penthouse at the Four Seasons Hotel New York, with four glass balconies that provide 360-degree views of the city from the 52nd floor, is the most expensive suite in the city. Take a tour.

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emille van heyningen says:

this is ridiculous on so many levels

tc koh says:

capitalism at its finest.

arlpoon says:

who stays here?

x zol says:

Meanwhile, people on the other side of the earth are dying because of lack of food and water.

J.Maxinta says:

I can’t say anything. If I had the money it might be on my bucket list of things to experience. Defiantly would be splitting that bill though and i would utilize all the unlimited services too.

Timeless Luxury says:

If I could. For a night.

donna74ph says:

What’s the sense in paying 50k for an overnight stay when most of the time you’ll be out of your room and will just use it for sleep

Ayan44 says:

i would love to see an interview with a stayer

selina stephenson says:

Just stupid

james Carpinelli says:

What I would like to know is how often that room is booked?!?!?!

Joan Becenti says:

I’ll stay at Towneplace, thank you.

luogl says:

Do they still charge $25 a night for WiFi?

Imane Mourady says:

I am staying here you can mark my words

Richard Gold says:

It is such a shame when people like Ty Warner spends $50million making a hotel suite and then someone else pays an amateur videographer $250 dollars to video it.. devaluing the property and making the viewer feel a little sea-sick with their wobbly camera moves.

lhj276 says:

I was an accountant for high net worth individuals. A rral estate partnership would pay 400 grand for a week in Barbados. They are people wooing. Billionaires for investments. People like that stay in suites like this.

ErlendWins says:

chess board is set up wrong

Benevolent Jones says:

I think a tiger would make an exciting added feature

49fiori says:

too expensive, it is worth maximum 12,000 per night.

tc koh says:

that starburst door cost a million bucks? wow..better not open it.

Lauren says:

Staying here one night would be the same as my student loans.

untouchable360x says:

I rather spend $50 at Motel 6 and use the $49,950 on hookers and blow. I think I’ll have more fun.

jake black says:

Seems like we need to bring back the guillotine and execute the rich. To put it bluntly I am all for extreme wealth being the reward for revolutionizing the economy however that’s it. Outside of people like Gates, Bezos, Jobs, ect society has no incentive to reward the 1% with that much wealth.

yasser attar says:

You can enjoy that room for free if you get a job inside that hotel

Elias Khan says:

they stay there for 1 month, so cheap isn’t it
I can also stay there for 1………….second

Bilal C says:

let’s be real…..the only people that can afford this have beautiful mansions/palaces!

Sappy Lauda says:

its ironic how retarded billionaires are

MICHGO1 says:


Psyvator Darkpsy says:

0:31 They can’t set up correctly one chess board.

Tour lovers says:

I didn’t want to spoil so much money if you think me poor then do but their is no point to waste so much money

Ray Ray Aaron says:

I like the $40 a night youth hostel I stay in this is nice but man

SHAHiD Awan says:

I wish rich people who stay there realize that there one night to stay in expensive hotel can change someone life forever if I be mega rich I will never spend 50K is far not even 1K for a night bcz u can change someone life with 50K and by giving 1K to 50 people u can help them for atleast a month or more and same money if spent to 3rd world countries they will have a food for atleast 6 months in 1K

Jerry N. says:

1:47 If I didn’t know what that was a picture of I’d guess it was a random $100 hotel in southeast Asia.

Max Johnson says:

Very nice

Levin Steiger says:

well now 432 park avenue is in the way and block 1/4th of the view… lmao

Hiindxx says:

It probably doesn’t include tax which is a problem for my bank account. The only problem

mike johnson says:

You have to be totally nuts to pay that much.

Divy Anand says:

Whole fucking month?I would rather donate money to feed hungry people than stay in that overpriced Hotel Suite!!

Finn Macdonald says:

all id think about is 911

tom11zz884 says:

I hope the soundproofing is good.

Cowboy says:

i had orgasm while watchin this…

MrAbuskeleke says:

What’s all this talk about how much the various things cost? Vulgar.

Alexander M says:

I can’t believe somebody would pay this much for just one night. Even if I could, I’d rather by a 2 story house, plus a Lamborghini Aventador, instead of an ONE NIGHT $50,000 at some VERY BEAUTIFUL hotel… but I really like the song, what’s it called?

vangrails says:

I’ve stayed in Thailand for 5 euro per night in a room, that is 10 000 times less.

Camel Is lit says:

Does it have good WiFi?

Jacob Cleary says:

Let’s say a standard night is from 5:00 pm to 9:00 am.
That means that this room costs $3,125 an hour, or about $52 a minute, or about $.86 per second.

AL says:

Looks like the goal of luxury circa 2000. The style looks dated.

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