I Spent The Night In The Cheapest NYC Hotel. ($45) OMG.

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I Spend 24 hours In the cheapest hostel in New York City — Deep in Chinatown. Tweet Me! https://twitter.com/BostWiki


potownrob says:

Drop in CVS for some dope earplugs bro

ursonate says:

that bathroom did not look clean!

pinacolaaadas says:

Stayed at Yotel right around Times Square this past weekend. It was like $75 a night, very acceptable acomodations, and right around everywhere in NY we wanted to see. The rest being an ubers ride away.

Aaron Shattuck says:

Should get a higher rating for wifi. I spent like $60 a night in Atlanta and the wifi was so weak I couldn’t stream anything for a week so nights at the hotel were beat..

C.D. Riley says:

Midnight =12 AM not 12 PM

Tmv Business says:

I would throw up

gpan62 says:

I sure hope people watched to the very end, even when pop ups start to appear.

Waken4Productions says:

Ok momento lol

Rebecca Simmons says:

Think living Bobby already did this.!!!

Jasmine Tate says:

Because that place has bed bugs

Dat1ScrubLord says:

12 PM is noon and 12 AM is midnight… man I was lost for a second

MarkBTW says:

Anyone driving to NYC would be way better off sleeping in their vehicle.

nct gmfu says:

Why didn’t he just yelp cheap eats in chinatown… ?

tisa gomez says:

Bro your brave for actually showering in that shower

Heather Young says:

I love this video

aditya thakur says:

I hope you didn’t bring any bed bugs with you back to your home.

MarvelDcImage says:

I did not know these hotels still existed – the kind with chicken wire ceilings aka a flophouse

Dat Cat in those hats says:

Bed bugs lulz dumbass

ray johnson says:

wouldn’t the cheapest place to stay be the streets???

Tracy Bush says:

Was wondering about bed bugs

Korey Lackford says:

He got bedbug bites on at the end of the video.

Samuel Linkous says:

I check for bed bugs first thing, no matter the hotel

SpikeMoney says:

How them bedbugs alot of people are spreading them easily, and they are tiny so you can takem home with yeah. Leave gear outside for 12 months.

Nicole Collins says:

My closet is way bigger than that.

Emma Brady says:

Then that wouldn’t be the cheapest one cause their used to be other cheap ones so U WRONGGGGGGGG

T Taylor says:

Explains why the heat was so high in there they had a bed bug problem.

Wolf 098 says:

Goes to Chinatown, two days later, bed bugs

James Tolson says:

Bed bugs… Ugh… The worse…

Peter Palmer says:

That was my first fear when you shared the price. Bedbugs and lice! No cheap place it worth that. Try explaining lice to your BF/GF!!!!

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