Hotel Room Tour!!!! Trump Hotel Central Park NYC

hotel info!

i stayed in the park suite 🙂

Trump Hotel Collection – Central Park
1 Central Park West, New York, NY 10023
(212) 299-1000

empire hotel NYC room tour

shangri-la hotel Toronto room tour



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trump hotel is in Las vases stupid

Dixie Darlin says:

You are a slob, at least you could have put your underwear up before doing this

NicoleDast says:

I love how pretty she was before lip injections

PaiNExoTiC says:

04:05 did she say she didnt get raped? Wtf

Caroline M says:

Why did she need a whole suitcase for hair and beauty products…

Chase Heatwole says:

That bathroom looked no better then a courtyard inn motel bathroom.

Downrange Film says:

The Executive Park Views are really nice, but I always preferred the views from CP South, ecspecially in the summertime. It’s so expensive to buy here though,. 6:00 really nice

Lost Control says:

This is gaudy? You liked the Barbie suite in LV – now that was gaudy.

dodie dobrik says:

The captions are Galatians throughout the while video but 5:29 is especially halarious

MoJo says:

who is this over sized self absorbed bimbo??

Kaycee Leyson says:

Talk slower your talking to fast

AmandathePandaBooks says:

you don’t know what gaudy is! go to Versailles in France or St. Pete Russia if you want to see gaudy!! you are staying in a very modern room chick!!

Tamika Marie says:

the video that she talked about the burbs on her arms. what was that video called. please let me know.

Erik says:

I want to throw a straight edge punk show with Young millennials at Trump Towers someday.
Lmao. It’ll be fun and hectic.

Meranda Lynn says:

Isn’t Central Park in New York is where the cast from Jessie took place?

Otaku Gamer I أوتاكو قيمر says:

You have 2.5 M subs why don’t you verify your account?

Dreamer says:

3:54 hahaha omg the thing says cocaine 😀 nice 😀

Hannah Brown says:

That outfit is everything!!

Daisy Yang says:

Did she just say “Big girls can’t be choosers?” at 6:50

Patrick O'Riley says:

I love trump, but I’ve seen better. I expect better from Trump man.

Diana Melendez says:

Racist white girl who supports trump

Aleksandra Jaroslawska says:

You literally paid for a huge suite at the trump and a small STANDARD QUEEN at the empire. The lowest category room. On NYE. And complain about everything. Get your facts straight

Amina Aden says:

honestly I hate u. #slutt.

Tony D says:

Trump probably didn’t build it, he cons idiots into paying a license fee to slap his name on hotels & condo’s.

Ventoro Music says:

She Has 2 Pink Dildos That She Doesn’t Realize She Showing To Other People At 8:04 2 Damnn Dildos Lol

Paul Petrovich says:

Does she ever take a breath and shut up?? Damn he just keeps talking!

Mike_slays Fo-days says:

In hotel rooms they give u bags or garbage bags and u could use those for dirty clothes

NewJerseyJay says:

What’s up with the Cocaine thing on the desk? Why would you make your drug use so obvious on YouTube?

Eqxus says:

Nice Cocaine pouch

Rhonda Marshall says:

The White Girl Success means not to be raped in Central Park? What an ignorant uneducated, never going anywhere to know what’s expensive and what’s not ASS!! The internet has no shame when anybody can be stupid!

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