HONEST Review of the Pennsylvania Inn Hotel, New York City.

Pennsylvania Hotel at 401 7th Ave, New York, NY 10001


Dave T says:

Creepy! Hotel Pennsylvania is a well-known dump. $1300 for 3 nights? – and they have the cajones to include a resort fee! Of 8 leisure trips to NYC over last 10 years I’ve never paid more than $150/night at a decent Holiday Inn, Doubletree, Sheraton or other clean tourist-class chain property. I shop around or change my travel dates, NYC hotel prices fluctuate by the day, often by 100s of dollars. Glad you got outa there.

Igi Vup says:

Egypt Air used to put their pilots and employees up at that hotel. Probably still do.It is likely owned by Egyptians. In 1999 Egyptair pilot Al Batati committed suicide by crashing his plane on the way from JFK to Egypt killing all 200+ souls on board. The night before and many nights previous he had sexually harassed hotel staff and guests including exposing himself. This would have been his final stay in the USA as he was being reprimanded. By the way, those holes on the wall look like vaginas.

Janmarys Smith says:

Couldn’t you ask for them to change you to another room?? I’m going this month to that hotel my God!!! But my boyfriend said they made some new rooms and we are going to those rooms omg i’m scared

Amtrak Traveler911 says:

This place was a dump. There was mold in the shower. The toilet was rusty. I didn’t even open up the beds It was a shit hole.

Callie Coughran says:

Thank you for posting this video. Sadly, we are booked to stay at the Pennsylvania for the Westminster Dog Show in February 2019. After watching this video I am going to cancel our reservations and book with a better hotel.

Goat Kush says:

How can I get my money back bro ?

Igi Vup says:

I stayed in NY City once in 2006 for 2 nights. My hotel was about the same size but quite a bit nicer. The first thing I noticed however was his room has a window. Mine did not. My room was about 1/3 the size of a typical hotel room. My hotel cost about $700 for those 2 nights.

Korvens Korvens says:

Im in there right now

Janmarys Smith says:

Oh sorry commented before it finished… So you did get your money back… Good!

bad mother fucka says:

Thanks man i was gonna stay 7 nights for 1500 before i watched this.

Isaac Anaya says:

Report at 311 web site also there is an app for iPhone and Androids phones.

Janmarys Smith says:

Heyyyy I went. All I could say is that it looks like a motel not a hotel. Also mine wasn’t dirty… Not a view out the window just a wall. But once you just get out of there the location is perfect so if your just gonna sleep (like in my case) I went 3 days and 2 nights it okay…. Sorry if misspelled anything I’m from Puerto Rico speak Spanish

Emma is me Sadly says:

I’m not sure if you will see this but I stayed there earlier this year. While I was there I came in and saw the bathroom was awful the room was all messed up and it was just awful. The phone didn’t work so we couldn’t call to complain. But the worst part was I went to turn Off the air because it was really cold and the small air vent wall thing fell off and there was a dead rat. We tried to call but it didn’t work so we went down and my dad was furious because the complaint line was so long and took a picture of the man working the man working got mad because we where telling people in line and people waiting for the rooms and, and after a long conversation he had three big men escort my family out onto the street, we started talking to the workers and they even said how it was awful.

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