Found myself at Renaissance Hotel in New York and NOT A SINGLE PERSON warned me about their Room Service Food Game! Foodie Fam, I WARN YOU NOW: EAT SOMETHING BEFORE WATCHING THIS VIDEO!

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Mike Cheek says:

Where can I get that intro music!

gordon brauer says:

Daym sorry but your wings are burnt black?!


Wings, stippers,and booty juice

Shanjit RajKumar says:

You are making a food porn here, bro

clifton edwards says:

Can someone tell me why this would get a dislike. Please dont pass and answer cause i cant believe that.

DelliriiuM says:

Getting articulate now haha

Brenton Michonet says:

Ok spirited away soundtrack.

Chase Brooks says:


NancyGooGoo says:

You livin’ the dream, Daym!!!

Celty. says:

Food porn

Zerodarkforce X says:

That crunch on them eggrolls tho

215Christ says:

every single bite is a problem in these streets…hahahahaha…got me hungry though…

James Greer says:

Where is the instrumental from??…sick
Please respond

Miguel Valdez says:

Holy shit! I work here and saw you in the elevator. I’m glad you enjoyed the food, you should give the burger a try next.

Rafael Echols says:

Wings look raw

Tateboy Extreme says:

Dem wangz could’ve cooked for another 10mins they were definitely under cooked. Real talk.

Jodi Williams says:

Dang man gonna show me something I can’t have. Lol we need this in Alabama!

Mighty Savage says:

Daym Drops My G Super Official !!!!!!!

Zakiyyah Smiley says:

These damn egg rolls are $10, way to small for that price.

Ian.M says:

Daym that Grilled Cheese looked nuked


Them wings look good ayeee let me get a order lol

Racquel Mason says:

Did they know that it was U? Daym they had to cause I ain’t never seen hotel room service food looked THAT GOOD!

RN Michael Creech says:

Take a shower u looking crusty

Sagar thakkar says:

Man you make me smile. You are funny as hell and seem like a real good dude! Cheers man!

ping oh' says:

Shave the beard

ls says:

Glad you are enjoying life daym ! Wish i had room service rn lol


Makes me emotional just thinking about it

Michael Copeland Jr. says:

Wings are the truth, but the eggrolse dont’ stunt huh?

Lou Sipher says:

Your energy and overall enthusiasm towards food is phenomenal. Keep them shits up Daym!

Effects says:

I love all your videos tbh you have such a positive vibe foreal

James Greer says:

The instrumental at the beginning of the video.. who is that???

Justin Harrynauth says:

Like my comment if you think Daym is living the life everyone wants

richard smith miller says:

Hey daym i know this is off topic from the video but i know you dont know how to use chop sticks and i just thoight id let you know that they sell chop stick trainers at places like the dollar store atleast they used to when i was a kid but thats how i learned how to use chopsticks they even have them at walmart or online they are called funchop or chopstick helpers

Sylvia Fisher says:

I thought i was watching food porn the way he describe the food!!!!!!!!

anthonygetdat says:

Looks hella expensive

Edwin Roman says:

Hey daym I have a taco spot in staten island for you to try ! Taqueria el gallo azteca

Michael Williams says:

reviewing hotel food great idea

MRM says:

Daym man! You are dreamin B

im100percentg says:

Gotta let that hair go vro

David Williams says:


NclinedMuzaclly says:

that egg roll looks like a little combo pretzel snack in your hand lol

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