Royal Palm Hotel Miami Beach – Pre Cruise Hotel Room Tour

The Royal Palm on Miami Beach is beautifully decorated, has a fantastic location, great pool(s), and top service… but a horribly designed bathroom door!

Marseilles Hotel Miami Beach:

Norwegian EPIC Cabin Tour:
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Mike Bargsley says:

Haha broken buildings and the people

duane samuels says:

What are we crushing on now sir

Mark Erichson says:

Yep. That would be a deal-breaker for me, too.

Farin Lindley says:

I don’t mind the bathroom sliding door. My thing is hotels that put the coffee maker/ ice bucket in the bathroom. Gross!

TavernWenchBlog says:

Seems like a lovely location, but that bathroom door would be a deal-breaker for me, too. Kind of reminds me of the bathrooms on the Norwegian Epic. LOVE that ship but the bathroom situation is a joke.

dawro10 says:

That bathroom door is a big hell to the no!

Barry Hohman says:

nice balcony! nice view!

Stuart Twiddy says:

I missed the pooping people…

Tanya Van Stone says:

The view is so lovely! Does the Palm have a spot on the beach with chairs?

cruisingcouple says:

The 2 hotels we stayed at were very nice and well kept…Intercontinental & JW Marriot

Sharisel Pr says:

How far is this hotel from the port? And how much was it a night?

72277rolling says:

It cracks me up that the toilet door is a deal breaker. I get it though. Who wants to see someone dropping a squash or be seen dropping a squash!?

Jennifer Adolphsen says:

I like it, except the bathroom door as well. Why do architects think we want to share our bathroom rituals with everyone? I’ve seen that design more and more in hotels lately.

bonnie bergstein says:

Nice enough hotel room! I don’t have problems with the sliding door (get more upset in a public restroom where there is a gap when you close the stall door – that bothers me, strangers can look in)! Best part of this video – seeing Markus smile!! I think I’d like a bigger balcony – but it is a beautiful view (but since I live in south FL, and have a lovely public beach 10 minutes away – I get to enjoy that view frequently. If you’re ever in Palm Beach County – check out the Eau Palm Beach (used to be the Ritz Carlton – in Manalapan, FL). Beautiful beach views. I stayed there about 7 years ago (to help a friend celebrate her 60th b-day). We both brought our dogs, and got a room with a large covered lanai on the side of the hotel (easy access to walk the dogs) – but steps away from their beachfront chaises, and a lovely pool area! Expensive, but worth it – room service was really nice, wheeled in a dining table with white tablecloth & good food (even ordered from the children’s menu for the dogs). Thanks again Morgan, for sharing an informative video!

Jonnie Bangkok says:

Hahaha…needs privacy from seeing, hearing, and smelling his boyfriend dropping a loaf…yet he licks that same ass. Go figure.

Val's life Health Journey says:

Sliding door is a deal breaker

Bailey B says:

I feel like you’re getting sassier every video and I’m really into it.

Zachary Levine says:

I don’t mind the sliding door if I’m by myself or with a partner who I’m “romantic” with. Wouldn’t be an issue

Nick Gers says:

Morgan You Gotta Get On The Norwegian Escape

Kathmandu N says:

Ugly ass room

TeacherTeacher says:

I’ve stayed in many hotels on the beach in Miami and they’re all the same: very expensive and look fancy on the surface, but are worn down and sometimes vert nasty the closer you look, and the traffic/parking is horrendous! I have to stay in Miami for business and I absolutely hate it. I live in Florida and can’t stand when I have to drive down into Miami. There are so many nicer places north of Miami in Florida.

cyberi4a says:

Did you tell them you didn’t care for the sliding door? Room looks a little sad like it needs a little tender loving care and not a big redo.

Linda Goodwin says:

I’m not blown away by your room Morgan. It looks worn out. I hope you enjoyed the balcony and the view.

Philip Lindley says:

Don’t think I’d call the door a dealbreaker, annoyance perhaps. I understand sliding doors in a confined space and small room. Yours though was a particularly badly fitted example.

RedBarberry says:

Haha, I stayed there with mom, so the sliding door didn’t bother us, but I can see how that can be a deal breaker. I’d kick my +1 to the balcony 😛 I have a vid from there too on my channel, but it’s not a comprehensive review like yours. 
Would be nice if rooms came with wallets (and money) 😛

Abhishek Khoslaa says:

Hi Morgan,
My name is Abhishek. I have been requesting you for a long time to please make a video on tips and do’s and dont’s for the first time cruisers.

iainmac2 says:

I stayed at the Fountainebleau Miami – not really a fan of the place or the guests.

Becky M says:

Can you go sit on the balcony, Hun…. I gotta poop. That door would make me crazy!

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