Clinton Hotel & Spa South Beach Miami Review DON’T STAY

This Hotel is just one step above a motel. The hotel would be pefect
for any VAMPIRE friends. The HOTEL IS DARK!


Darien Cruz Music says:

this room looks way different. /watch?v=XvNzxNBur3k&feature=related i will be there tomorrow and see how the rooms are.

SyndicatedNews says:

So sad that you suffered so. The lights are too low for you? You can go to the DoubleTree for the same money? Then you should have gone there. If you really needed TV, you should not have left your home where your comforts are. Travel is not for everyone.

taynsoph705 says:

is this the classic room ?

dave Bombach says:

Ron and all other possible travelers – My note were based on a trip I took last week. The Clinton Hotel is a 2.5 star hotel maybe 3 star. If you pay more than $65 dollars then you are probably not getting your money’s worth. Keep in mind the location is excellent. The hotel is on the bus line, is only two blocks from the beach, was a great cheap simple location to base out of. If you are looking for creature comforts, then you need to stay somewhere else. This not a luxury quality location.

Marlando Falconer says:

Dude you payed $149.00 a night & right. And as for parking right around the corner @ 1per hr what more i can say the hotel is great to fuck in for two truse me i had a great time that’s all for now bye

Owners of Esmeralda says:

Make sure to bring your flashlight. This hotel is sooo dark! I won’t stay again.

Carl McClanahan says:

I have stayed at the Clinton many times and NEVER had any problems. It is a great hotel. I will stay there again in a second.

dave Bombach says:

Ron, I hope your video is the exception. I bid for a three star hotel on Priceline and New Clinton accepted the offer of $55. Then I saw your post on Travel Advisor. I let you know how it went.

dave Bombach says:

Ron, I am back from a week long stay at the Clinton Hotel. I stayed in room 215.
– the hotel hallways are purposely dark
– the TV had limited channels
– the room did have a blue light
– the bathroom was adequately lit, no mold and very little rust
– there was audible noise that came through the walls
– no trash truck noise (I was in an interior room)
– room service did come from affiliated restaurant
– our room’s floor was level
– the lighting in the room was adequate

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