Classic Game Room – HOTLINE MIAMI review

Hotline Miami review.
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Classic Game Room reviews HOTLINE MIAMI for PC downloaded from Steam, a super-hilarious and super-violent romp through the 1980’s in late 80s computer gaming style. CGR Hotline Miami video review being played on Samsung Series 7 Laptop with Xbox 360 controller and big speakers for LOTSA BASS! Wicked soundtrack enhances the tense, frantic gameplay as you eliminate bad guys with a variety of weapons in hotel rooms and dingy, 80s style office complexes. They aren’t too smart though, fire a few shots and they’ll run right at you. Hotline Miami packs serious challenge after the first few levels so prepare to be eliminated dozens of times before you figure out the best way to approach the slaughter! Highly recommended, tons of fun and great candy for the ears.


SWillusionist says:

And ps3 with crossbuy

Johnny Bond says:

They move a lot faster in my PC too, in the video is hardly running at 50% speed

KCJan123 says:

1:41 you blew up the head so perfectly with song. TWICE in a row in fact.

Kasper Van der Pol says:

Hotline Miami 2 Confirmed!!!

AProbablyPostman says:

Oh but violence against people, that’s cool.

ren r says:

You’re better than total biscuit that’s for sure,

HonestToCritic says:

I hear its short dol. i hate all theses cool lookin games that great but short. Dont no if i should drop 10 bucks on this.


This game is great on the Vita. Although if you get this for it you may want to invest in a Nerf case, just incase you throw your console due to frustration.

Pascal says:

Why does the game look slower? It seems like the fire rate on the guns is slowed down but the music plays at normal speed.

TheDabeavis says:

I think it’s PC only as of now, the game is availible in some distribution platforms outside of steam such as Good Old Games, but nothing on consoles as of yet.

Joshua Miller says:


Neko9000 says:

Did you slow down the footage?

Sudarsan Ragavan says:

Wait a minute, enemies move lot faster on the ps3 version

Richard Savings says:

HOLY S*** at the end, Mark!

Multiversable Woop says:

Well, I agree at some point, but when a dog is trying to fckin murder me, I’d kill it. If you want to be dogfood, that’s your call mate.

Che Linden says:

is this for xbox

Frank Lampard Is Jesus says:

It would also probably give people mental scars for life if it wasn’t in the 8 bit style.

Atsuko Kagari says:

The fact that you use such terms, means you’re a pretty pathetic person, aren’t you?

Battlefield 1942 Argentina says:

If this game would come off on the snes or the genesis back in the day, it would have been an instant classic, and we would be on hotline miami 8 by now…(along with 3D reboots and stuff like that)

Candle Light Does Things says:

Does playing with a controller lower the frames?

Daniel Webster says:

Anyone notice the CGR ending flash frame at 4:41?

Ape Electric says:

you could pay 10 bucks for this and have an amazing 3 hours and maybe some extra hours trying to get all the secrets and understanding the story or you could go to the cinema to watch some mediocre movie for 10~15 bucks not included drinks or snacks. it’s incredibly cheap and it’s on sale on steam right now anyway no reason not to buy it

Matrilwood says:

They’re not dogs, they’re blood sucking hell hounds that want to devour your soul.

dario says:

this game give so much choises on how to dispose of enemy…the perfect game to play in one long ass night maraton. Especially a hot summer night, half drunk, with no things on your mind. Simply awesome.

Nelson Just says:

On ps3 is way faster and the ai is faster too

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