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Mia antonacci says:

YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO that idubbs/ tana reference thooooo

Evelyn nunez says:

The worker from the shooting range is fucking hot

Brennen Taylor says:

Follow me on instagram to see more of my trip!! ➡️ BRENNEN ⬅️


Jaylene Mcfarlane says:

coreys face is funny

wotmyname says:

god I wish Ricky and Denzal were my best friends they look so much fun and Sassy to be around

tom mf holland says:


Nijie Taylor says:

i love denzel in brennen’s vlogs

Nina Grewal says:

Nessa is just in the back like hey

Molly Chard says:

if you want to see your self more than that go to colbys house

It's sissy Sawyer says:

@5:03 is that the dude from foursome ??

Autumn main says:


Daniella Xo says:

So that hotel costs 280$ a night? That’s cheap loll

garzagirl100 says:

y the fuck dont you acually get a big pricey hotel you just use clikbait to get vewes ylu dont love your fans

Dove Rug says:

stop barging

Kate Ohman says:

When Brennen said he’s very broie he’s very hottie

Arkansaswoodsman says:

when a liberal from cali shoots a gun for the first time LOL thats what freedom feels like

Julian_The_Hooligan says:

The day you released this it was my b day lol

JayJay 06 says:

Warning! Clickbait

vaneisha graves says:

I miss brobly

Melanie Gutierrez says:

you sexy boy

Paul Hard penis says:

Forreal bro I live for you blogs

Tiffany Fisher says:

omg he’s from foursome

Mari V says:

how come maggie doesnt like being in the vlog shes beautiful

Jamie Dicello says:

I love him! But I hate his clickbait

cc says:

K so is brennen and Maggie dating?

food is life says:

Ummm the only thing us floridians look at is the thermostat threw our burning flesh

Basically its hot here

Jason Jones says:

Oh hahahaha, Corey is so funny

Nice shots Brennen

(Joy) say she impressed with how fasts you are with the maths adding ups the price for the Hotel Room

She say you are the smartest persons she knows even smarter than me hehehe,

Waits what.?.?.

TeenSquer says:

Hahahaha vanessa in the background

Agnieszka Dragon says:

What caliber was the gun you used?

T- shot says:

I wish i was rich like you

Jaylene Mcfarlane says:

coreys laugh is funny

gabbie perrine says:

I low key thought that you n maggie where toxic ngl

Sisters Twisters Leia and Bria says:

can someone tell me what the boxes he was getting i did not have a good look

Kyla Jones says:

OMG SimplyNessa15 was in the vlog

Yim Yiminie says:

Brennen was in Maimi the same time I was in Maimi and I didn’t know?
Let me just die-

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