Undercover at Britain’s worst hotel chain – Which? investigates

Britannia hotels has been named the UK’s worst chain in an annual survey by Which? Travel.

The budget hotel brand was rated bottom for the sixth year running after more than 6,000 customers told us about their recent experiences of staying in the UK’s most visited hotel chains.

See what happened when our video reporter went undercover at the chain’s Royal Albion Hotel in Brighton.

Avoid surprises when you travel. See the full results of our 2018 best and worst hotel chain survey at https://www.which.co.uk/reviews/uk-hotel-chains/article/best-and-worst-uk-hotel-chains.

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jay mo says:

Far to picky… yes they are bad hotels but it’s BUDGET What do you want… poor review.. it’s not a rat its a Siberian hamster

peter lee says:

How the heck they stay in business? Some good investors should buy it and completely renovate it.

Stephen Moss says:

Wouldn’t stop in a Britannia hotel if you paid me

Patricia Oakes says:

This is Luxurious towards there Wolverhampton Hotel.

Adam Donnelly says:

I go to there Didsbury hotel gym. Its not been touched since the 90’s. Real shame as it could be really good. 1 guy own Brittania he is a multi millionaire who just isn’t bothered by the looks of it.

Michaël Bonnet says:

How come it’s still open?

Abdul Quddus says:

Thanks for the heads up…..absolutely disgusting

Frankie McCamley says:

Aww Reya you get all the best jobs!!

Daniel Towey says:

They also took over pontins and have invested no money trying to correct what was an already extremely run down set of holiday camps, they’ve somehow gotten even worse which honestly I didn’t think was even possible. Shocking company. They have zero regard for hygiene, safety, even basic levels of maintenance or their customers.

Jacky Jacky says:

What a disgusting hotel! Thank you for the heads up.

cashino says:


ShroomWalrus says:

3:21 Well that’s one feature worth a lot for me, a cute birb to greet you in the morning!

The Clumsy Pineapple says:

Do the grand hotel Scarborough by britania

antony lloyd says:

At £72 for dinner, bed and breakfast…I’m not sure one should expect more in Brighton..

Chris Creaser says:

U can tell Why the chain came bottom…. 🙁 Who let it get like that??….. 🙁 Basil Fawlty? Cant Anything positive be done to improve it??

Poz 89 says:

Everyone of their hotels is of this standard and worse. Shithole company owned by a shithole human being

Avión Charlie _ says:

Such a shame because that’s such a lovely building in a great spot! Britannia earn enough money so there’s no excuse for it to be like that.

Michael Saul says:

Do they do gluten free?

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