The London Hotel Room Tour – Veranda Suite – West Hollywood

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Palms Barbie Suite – Las Vegas

Cosmopolitan Lanai Suite

trump NYC hotel

empire hotel NYC room tour

shangri-la hotel Toronto room tour



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Sangre Vampira says:

Beautiful room!!!! I really want to stay there!

Livebyfaith says:

Trisha have thought about your mom all day….can you tell us how she’s doing?  I believe she had her surgery?  Please pass on yet another person whose praying for her…and praying for you and your sister and brother.

iluvnj1996 says:

your hair is flawless

krazy J says:

Where’s the kitchen but it’s so pretty

William William says:

Foyer is pronounced foh-yay, not fo-yur.

alexis casanova says:

I love you trish you’re the best!

meagan beattie says:

I absolutely love your hotel tours/reviews. I love how you show all the details too. I am the same as you I love hotels…nice hotels! It’s definietly my splurge when going on vaca

XxEternalXxForeverXx says:

Omg! Snooki has a tour of her staying in a hotel room on her channel from a while ago that looks just like this and is in LA with almost the exact same view! Could be same hotel, and possibly same room? :O

BadGirl42886 says:

How does Trish get all that money? Like what does she do

bethany lynn says:

OMG I freaked out for a minute, I just got back from a London field trip last night❤️ I thought u were in London

Hannah Simpson says:

Trisha your filming makes me fell sick when i watch it, the unsteadiness of the camera gives me motion sickness and i just cant watch it!

Aida_ 1061989 says:

What is the hotel name ??

Brieanna Harrison says:

Your hair looks Really good!!!!!!

Kristina Marquez says:

I love Cali! I lived there when I was in the States.It was only for a year.I was in Modesto.

Tameka R says:

Nice hotel

Kryshna Davis says:

This video made me dizzy. Anyone else? Lol

ultraavioletxx says:

You look so pretty in this video Trish! I love your videos!

Jimena Rosa says:

Hey girl! U r soo beautiful I want to be just like u

matthew clark says:

You pointed at the Century City skyline and said it was the “iconic LA skyline.” The LA skyline is the opposite direction (which you can see from that hotel)

serena bass says:

I seriously love you Trish, you keep making vids despite all the hatred you get everyday and that takes a lot of guts

Sam Stevens says:

“and you think oh it’s big, but it only gets bigger!”….teehee 😉

Kourtney Kirk says:

Love you girly!!!!

PinkBabyGlam 6989 says:

You’re so gorgeous Trish. Just a beautiful woman inside and out .xoxo love you sweetie ♡♡♡ Brittany

Solyn Cassia says:

Did anyone else think of MPGiS when she said Trish 1 and Trish 2?

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