Staying At The Worst Reviewed Motel In My City

You’re all beautiful


lou00006 says:

Should do a video series on this

Armando Roman says:

What happened to your videos about the escort and delivering food?

Lando Bando says:

“Slap my ass and call me a beaver”

BreezyTown7 says:

dude cut ur hair or something, it’s really scary it reminds me of chucky

Abdul Abdul says:

Hahahahahahahahah hotbox this shit hahah

Paul Pignati Zindel says:

This dude is worst rated reviewer in his city.

Tsula Blackpaw says:

I love how excited you are about that knife.

Aaron was innocent says:

Why so many views?

LUXC says:

reminds me of h3h3’s old comedy style

Ali Maldonado says:

Well, I’ve been in worst places. Once I where in a motel that looked alot like a victorian movie’s dirty bourdel. And once stayed on the countryside, after a flood, in Mexico (actually the last one was last december)

dostoyevesky12 says:

I’ve stayed in much worse

PokemonRater says:

That hotel needs Gordon Ramsay!

tina vu says:

*s l a p m y a s s & c a l l m e a b e a v e r*

XxMoonLightXx TM says:

nickbean brought me here

Castiel Requiem says:

U shoulda banged that chick

Jarynn says:

I love the amount of work it took to get the worst hotel room in the city. Wish you had shown us what the exterior of the place looked like though.

Jaded Rants says:

Slap my ass and call me a beaver, boi.

Steve Ramirez says:

Honestly that’s not as bad as a hotel I stayed at one year the living room was the Size of one room and had two beds in it and no table to eat on the kitchen was literally a hallway the doors on the cabinets were all broken the beds had swasticas on it and the bathroom had no vent on it and it all smelled like cigs

DJ the DJ says:

Oh my word these vids are the BEST

Ringo Mingo says:

Please do more of these!

Hinnie says:

Cookie tin was the paint

daniel zychniewicz says:

definition of ghetto. is this downtown edmonton?

Dohra dee Ecsplorer says:

AHS S5 Hotel Cortez

Mimi T says:

My question is, why even have a motel at this point?

Timo Rallysport says:

Why is the camera pointed at you 90% of the time?

Faith says:

You’re gonna need to wash with bleach after this

Simon Says Apple says:

5:07 paint supply found though.

Lauren says:


Arman Hojjat says:

Bet he goes to the worst rated barber

Rigon Spahiu says:

You need a barber dawg

William says:

Not a Philips TV, RUINED

YoEx IsTaken says:

The worst motel is the Norman bates motel.

John Wayne says:

i thought your room was the motel 0_0

Anna Dillane says:

Ahs hotel

Bhavesh Bharambe says:

Hey you got a shoutout from Faze Rug!

nacy pollock says:

you need to say Bitch every few sentences Jesse

ddaenq says:

why do u kinda sound like top15s in this video shdhsjjsjsks

Mototerapist says:


Ronaldo Killergod says:

He also uses worst camera

Bruce Verville says:

Bet they’ve got hidden camera’s in that shithole. LOL!

George Henderson says:

Not as good as the lobster restaurant video, but still good.

Tyler Bynum says:

The actual Original people are now just copying you

Jack Walsh says:

Looks like a younger, faggier Al Borland

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