Staying At The Worst Reviewed Hotel In My City (Los Angeles)

Whats better than 5 star hotels?! 1 star hotels. Today we took a dive into one of the nastiest hotels i have ever been in… and we weren’t alone…
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Family friendly pg clean

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Brennen Taylor worst reviewed videos of 1 star yelp restaurants and businesses series


Lily Contreras says:


Shanna Tate says:


lucidpetals minecraft says:

i can’t believe there was a rat , omg

Quinn Cossette says:

Oh yeah yeah

G S.F says:

That mouse looks too white and too clean

Ame thyst says:

What the fuck

Jessica Nicolae says:

Free greenscreen though

xoxo says:

I feel sorry for that lil guy :,(

fresno 559 says:

Blood on the roof bed bugs they had to smash bed bugs on the wall

Jay Hawk says:

Bruh a white mouse…come on that thing did not act wild..wats your pets mouse name?

justaperson says:

“The Chinese” lmao low key racist.

Alex papanik says:

I am 70% sure that there is someone or something in that mattress…

Danny says:

Park Motel

12963 Ventura Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 91604

PrayingAngel says:

Mkay. Set up mouse, meh

iWorkAtMaccas says:

Where did you get that jacket??

kira peters says:

When you saw the rat I started laughing id k why

FireWolfXox says:

Atleast let the rat out

Montana Macey says:

don’t forget that in places like those whoever was in there last could of hid cameras in the bathrooms, vents, anything to watch people. my mom always tells me that about any public sketchy place

Noctobo says:

That looks like a feeder mouse

L Bee says:

I feel sick just watching this

GuidoAnchovy B says:

the most disgusting thing is the jacket you’re wearing

LightningDew says:

*proceeds to vacuume intensly*

BlueTurtle Crafter says:

Dude I have picked up a dead rat, that was an albino mouse the kind you get from the pet store

Teal Girl says:

You copied faze rug

Janelle Bader says:

you should have callewd the police about the blod

Anika Angel says:

That rat looked ADORABLE! but it really scared me when he opened the door. I thought he saw a corpse from the way he acted

Lenora Stewart says:

What happened to your hand brennen?

Met3lAngel says:

Why are these ghetto ass motels so expensive?

Davina Missick says:

Needs closing down

Dana W says:

White rat. Domestic.

Anika Angel says:

He has really nice eyes

slimey Wilkerson girl says:

that mouse freaked me out

Simon Horwell says:

One thing you MUST look for is hidden cameras. You would be wise tolearn how to look for hidden cameras and be very cautious…

Tala Shakshir says:

I hate rats but I kinda felt sad for the rat it has probably been waiting for so long so get out and when he sees the door open up they close it in his face

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