Staying At The Worst Reviewed Hotel In My City (Los Angeles)

Me and my Girlfriend tried to stay 24 Hours Overnight at the Worst Reviewed Hotel In Hollywood, Los Angeles… but this happened. it’s 1 STAR!

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iiisxophie 1 says:

Are you faze rugs brother

JVJ's world says:

ya’ll should have brung a blow up mattress and put in on the floor and go to walmart for 3 covers

Addy Sobojinski says:


Flüffy Ëditz says:

It’s clear that it’s period blood on the bed, and I do believe that there is a used pad in the bin.

Sam Gervais says:

I don’t want to be a pest. But u can’t really complain about a bug in your room.they can’t really provent that

Bowser XY says:

Wow sucks for you

Mary Hensley says:

At my house I checked my matress and it looked like there was blood stains

blendi agolli says:

I know what’s in that trashcan

McKenzie and Stephen 999 says:

If I was homeless I would sleep on the matris

Marina Velasco says:

A girl was on her period 6:28

ragin24 gaming says:

Bootleg faze rug

Ch3ŕish Driscoll says:

6:45 lmao the bloody pad

Bellatrix Lestrange says:

You should get a black light

billy goat says:

Someone got murdered or they had their period

FaZe Kay says:

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crazy gacha gameing says:

u know whats funny? an hotel ad came up and there was a family haveing fun u are doing the oppisite

LiamTheBiam :] says:

Who else hates pooping in school

Niamh Biggin says:

some girl had a serious period :DDDDDD

JVJ's world says:

eww you touched your face after being in the that nasty hotel im not evening going in there to be honest.

Susanna Kastner says:

Am i the only one laughing about the hair thing because I lose my black hair everyday on everything

Chloe Sterle says:

the but was an earwig, which i dont know a lot about other than they have pincers and ive been told they get in your ears and chew. so, i’d be scared too

milkipan says:

Your girlfriend is so cute lol

tami07 NightcoreAngel says:

A girl just probs had a period yanno

Jaena Alquiza says:

5:50 i was looking around then looked back at my phone and his jacket scared me because his hands were behind his back and i looked at it for a second like whaaat in the heck and noticed his hands behind him lolol

Brianna Covington says:

I actually have a wphobia fear of sleeping in hotels, this just made me anxious, lol, but this was so awesome to watch

Tammy Williams says:

WHY are y’all touching stuff with your haaaands

QUEEN Slither says:

Btw that second zipped sheet on the bed is a bed bug protector sheet ewwwww

Hailey C says:

This is why I only stay at Holiday Inn Expresses.

Lizard World! says:

I think someone had a period.. a pad with blood in the trash, a bloody mattress

Kylie Evans says:

Tomorow me and faze kay is having a 1v1

taylar chitman says:


Natayah Belcher says:


Ivy Shadow. says:

Next time wear gloves, you could have gotten diseases or something awful.

Dont even ask says:

Jeseus chill you two someone had there period in there thats it! LOL nobody was killed.

my little farm says:

It’s called having your period

Joscy Lopez says:

This is why my parents pay extra to clean the rooms

lisa gibbons says:

Icwent to stay in a hotel in bray down in ireland for the holiday i live in ireland tho and it was a 5 star but the roof had mould my nany found something diaturbing in her room woth my three aunties and grandad i wont say what tho it was disturbing tho

Gacha_Pug Maker says:

That hotel is dusting

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