Staying 24 HOURS At The WORST REVIEWED HOTEL In My City (London)

Staying At The Worst Reviewed Hotel In My City (24 Hours). In this video I attempt to stay overnight at one of the worst hotels in London… is it any better than the hotels in Los Angeles?



Adam Gondos says:

You get a better room in prison then in there

SF 95 says:

Did anyone see the Jordan’s sign 9:19


How many DISLIKES can this comment get I need DISLIKES just see if we can get to 3

11jalen Guy23 says:

on the door before walking in the hotel said vacancies

Justin not Space Taco says:

This is the quote of the year “The more I rage the more I poop”

Raven_CharleZ says:

If you have subtitles on the shower at 13:53 then it says applause lol

Johan Bosch says:

Am i the only one scrolling trough every video to find out what that blue light is reflecting on hi seat???


You think that was bad think about in 3rd world countries where their houses are worse than that just think how they feel

Fl0w says:

Fam ur fucking rinsing adverts.

Romet Eesmaa says:

nice clickbait stayed like 15 mins but yea clickbait my ass

Oliver Specktor says:

Take a ride in the worst Uber in your city. Like so it gets recognised.

kenzie karysa says:

That ain’t no hotel thats a jail cell lmao

Elvar Snær Ágústsson says:

Subbing back

Shwin Shwon says:

do worse reviewed tattoos place

its ye boi sahib yaa yeet says:

How does he not have 1mill subs

NikeX 1 says:

didn’t brennen taylor make a video just like this

Fazel Heidari says:

I’m Muslim

Thomas Kell says:

If u can’t spell it then get back to school u fucking thot

Christon Vince Hekin says:

You should prank your brother again

SpEnCeR MaLiNoWsKi says:

More vids like this

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