Review: Premier Inn Hub @ Covent Garden

This is my review of the Premier Inn Hub at Covent Garden, London, England.
If you are thinking of staying at the Hub, give this video a watch as you will see for yourself what the accommodation is like before booking.


Finola Mulcahy says:

Staying here next week was curious about what it was like, thanks for sharing.

Wayne Thomson says:

Hi Lucy, good video BTW so cheers. I’m staying in one of these in Edinburgh in September, but i have a small query, something about the room concerns me a little and i wonder if you can help since you’ve stayed here. My question is in regards to the bathroom, after viewing several photos of hubs on google, i see that most of the bathroom doors are all see through as well as the glassy area above the bed looking into the bathroom, can i ask if this is the case, as i find that a little weird, it’s not private if your room mates can see you showering or doing the toilet.

Derek Murray says:

My question is, can you switch the light on just for the toilet? without having to switch all of the lights on?

JD says:

Thanks for review Lucy. By the way , is Jack your husband or your little boy? Just curious!

flipthecoin888 says:

that is snazzy! thanks for the video, looking up hotels for an upcoming trip to London!

eyes open says:

your weird!

Liam Cockcroft says:

learn how to edit wow

Sally Pope says:

Love your review, it made me giggle! Very helpful, thanks!

Lucy Greening says:

Hey Derek , I cant remember sorry! I imagine you should be able to switch the bathroom light on separately to the bedroom.

CrazyWedz says:

Nice review. Love the bloopers at the end too. = ]

Mich says:

ahahah I am very happy somebody like it. I have draft this panel with my colleague

Lucy Greening says:

Yep, there most definately is a map of London on the wall! And the tv is interactive , there is all sorts of information about London on there such as the attractions .

Sierra Thomas says:

I’m planning on staying here next month – would it be a bad idea to stay here longer than a week with two adults? Is it weird having a glass door when you are trying to use the bathroom?

astroboirap says:

so dead eyed

Antonieta De la Torre says:

Does this have elevator?

Adlvids101 says:

@Lucy Greening Great Video! 🙂

Tom Charlie says:

Missed the part about the entire wall in the room being a map of london!

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