London luxury hotel room tour – Shangri-La at The Shard with crazy views

With what surely must be the best views of London of any luxury hotel, the Shangri-La London, at The Shard( is inside Europe’s tallest building. With amazing Shangri-La service, seriously luxurious accommodations and some great drinking and dining, it’s a perfect place for a London luxury adventure. I spent a few nights in an Iconic City View Room and it had just that, iconic city views of London’s biggest landmarks.

It’s also in a great location, just across the river from the Tower of London and Tower Bridge and with a Tube stop right underneath, it’s easy to get to anywhere in the city within a few minutes.

For a stay in April, this room, called an Iconic City View Room is about $1,200 per night, because of the amazing view and because it’s on a high floor. You can get the same room, looking the other direction for about $700, with a few other options between those prices, based on the size of room, how high a floor and which direction it faces. Suites start at $1,600.

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Gordon Ferrar says:

My niece use to be the face of hms Belfast.

Anju's world says:

Beautiful video. Thanks for sharing

Shibu Kp says:

I am studying in london

mar t says:

no bidet to wash butt after pooping

chip block says:

Such a great room. I haven’t been to London in 10 years. Skyline has changed. You were very lucky to have sunshine. or was that a video trick? Haha.

kashif mehmood says:

I love london from pakistan

Lourens Strydom says:

This motivates me to work hard

tamtam younes says:

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josh parsons says:

You should of saw the way I hit it in the shard… i. pouring lean and lemonade in shangri-la

satyam Singhal says:


Patrick OConnor says:

The best thing about the ugly shard is that you can’t see it when you’re actually inside it . Cheese grater, the Gerkin are fantastic , the shard is meh ….old fashioned 1960s futuristic design

Urban VIII says:

I was in a hotel in downtown Dallas, that had a fragrance, and I detested it. It was an awful smell which you couldn’t escape. Silly idea, if you ask me. If you have a hotel in a smog-ridden dirty city that stinks, I can understand it. Otherwise, no way!

Krishna Iyer says:

Wait what was this place called again?

Wesam Mansour says:

Great video fred..
The Shangri-La London at the Shard is an amazing hotel..but i think if you’re looking for location,the Dorchester,45 park lane,the Four Seasons,and the Langham hotel have a much better location..what do you think fred…
Thank you for sharing
Cheers from Yemen

Krish Munot says:

I like the BGM, it feels so natural and typical lobby music

Leung Ho Yuen says:

this hotel is headquartered in Hong Kong

Hector Salamanca says:

How much per nigth?

Jalal Hussain says:

I’m there right now

Megha Sarge says:

I am feeling so grateful that I am going to visit this hotel.

drsupremo88 says:

This video does what it says on the tin!

Stan Kormy says:


Matt Yamamoto says:

I think im your new fan

Debby Nunns says:

This has to be one of my favourite hotels in London ! We got a nice room with an amazing view and the bathroom was the best part ! Had a view of London , always enjoyed my bath and of course my stay in here and they have really good service at the shard ! Will always come to this hotel when in London. We booked a special rate from the website bellow.


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Rex Lon says:

Excellent starter location Mother to Book! WBC

s Jones says:

How much was it ?

1000 subscribers with random content says:

im going to vancover im begging my mother to book this

Marco C C says:

What a awful voice ..,and way to weary camera work …u better make reviews of McDonald’s restaurants , fit u better

desmond bonnici says:

London has turned into champagne charlie dump….very sad!

Maks Mononoke says:

Personally, the items in the bathroom would be wasted on people like me who don’t like hanging out there. Hehe,that’s just me, and I like to wash my parts the traditional way.

뇌인간의 says:

3:12 shin ra-myun ! 신라면 이다!

desmondjr johnston says:


Rex Lon says:

Hi Fred received your email. Frugal start right mate? Or as in Military background this is all I’d need will keep you in mind okay! The rest is in the Government’s hands now all I can do is be patient and wait it out. Again thanks for the email, will look you up? Ah do you do any combination Tour Guild of ole London? WBC Smile

babysdoc says:

What is the time at the start of video

Wesam Mansour says:

Love this hotel..
Great video!!
Your other great video was the Dorchester hotel..
Maybe next time we will see a video of the Langham,Lanesborough,Rosewood,Ritz,Four Seasons..
Greetings from Yemen

Bhupesh Bohara says:


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