LA Hotel Room Tour & Review: The London West Hollywood | Fleur De Force

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Becky Marie says:

your eyes are so big and gorgeous, Fleur <3 x

Emily S says:

Oh my god I love your accent

OG YouTuber says:

Compared to the most of the hotels I’ve stayed in…. for all that you get in this room………. $349/night is cheap! In NYC….. $349 buys you a “livable” space… in an outer borough…. XD. A room like this in Manhattan would be at least 2x that per night. Although, owning condos/homes in the places you vacation is the best…. :] If anyone ever needs a deal on a place to stay in NYC… you can stay in my Grandmother’s home on E64th. 😉 I’ll hook you up.

Sweet Lolita says:

I went to LA for the first time this year and we stayed at The Omni Hotel

7AJa17 says:

Oh my god the bathroom is amazing!! <3 loveee

Russo Italiano says:

In love with that waterfall shower

Charli Chatters says:

for that price I actually think that’s a fantastic little room – the balcony, computer, dresser area and sofa. I’ve stayed in ridiculously fancy expensive hotels (saved up to, of course) with rip off shoe box rooms that where just awful.

Helena Kay says:

Thank you so much for showing me round this room!! Was trying to decide whether to stay there when I got to Los Angeles. Have you tried the peninsula yet? It’s supposed to be amazing!! Xx

Paromita Das says:

yes he is fleur’s bf and they are getting married soon

Irene García Hernández says:

349.00 $ per night?… That’s insane!!! Donate it for poor children and not for super expensive hotels… 🙁

Tiffany Martadinata says:

Im going to LA soon and my parents told me not to waste money on an expensive hotel if you want to go and buy loads of stuff

NaturalBornCharlotte says:

I looooove hotels!!

Anna Burianska says:

where do you get the money to stay in hotels like this ??? :O

Lottie Titcombe says:

Great video, I love the room it’s gorgeous!! 🙂 <3

truthsayerz says:

even tho its a pricey hotel if you shop around you can get some really good package deals, virgin is pretty good.

sashthesunshine says:

Mmmm Mike has Bleu de Chanel!

James Davies says:

Here’s an interesting fact California the grandest oldest county in the British empire never joing the United States.

Cecilia L says: on the sofa.. =(

Davi Dehon says:

do you sleep together?

avocado says:

the hotel is excellent

Maddie Lorie says:

Oh my gosh! Don’t tell them what to do with their money! Why don’t u donate to children? That is the most rude and annoying comment

MeriiVixen says:

I really loved this hotel.

Becky Marie says:

that hotel is amazing!!!

spacetangerine says:

lol. i don’t suppose you don’t “dont have room service”? wow, miiiindd blowwn.

Reddaisy says:

What does Mike do for a living?

Anna Kless says:

399$ a night…

Robyn J says:

how much is it it is better than my you

Lulu Lulluby says:

Oh my god… It looks so expensive O_O

Evie Aye says:

Wow I really need to go to LA now!

DoneandDusted Daily Bulletin says:

they no longer serve the icelandic water which i love

wynonnamaree uy says:

Me: Mike, take the shoes off the sofa NOW!!!

Robyn J says:

how much :

Reddaisy says:

Wow what an amazing room, must be crazy expensive though.

L Bski says:

Is it tacky to ask the price of the room a night? & do you know if that is kind of a standard price for rooms around there?

sara sazgar says:

lol that is one amazing hotel

ninaswims317 says:

a lot of hotels are nicer than houses that’s why a lot of people vacation

KC Wells says:

yeah me neither wtf

Teryn D says:

I am getting married there in October!

FrannyLuvsAll says:

This hotel looks gorgeous!

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