Vdara Las Vegas DETAILED Hotel Room review

This is the lowest cost room you can rent at Vdara in Las Vegas. What do you get for your money? See the video


cjonns55 says:


fun travel guy says:

it is not directly on the strip. the walk to the strip is roughly 5 minutes (brisk walking). it is also a safe area.

Levi Grey says:


Simple Frankie says:

you dont pay for opening.. you have to remove the iteam to get charged

work out more says:

does the couch pull out to a bed?

Joseph Flores says:

my wife and I wanted to thank you for your very insightful review videos

Madeleen Williams says:

Score on the NES!

Jay G. says:

this brings back memories
ps the thing in the closet is a luggage rack

Gustavo Carvalho says:

Is this the standard room or a superior kind?

Lisa Starr says:

I asked about the pans and cutlery and they just have it at the main desk for no charge (for sanitary reasons).

Perrone Ford says:

Oh, and the thing in the closet that you didn’t know what it was… It’s a luggage rack. You can store your suitcase on it, and you can move it next to the dresser to make unpacking and packing more convenient. I have them in my home for my guests.

Aleem Cummins says:

Really helpful video. I am looking forward to staying there even more!

mamuash says:

This table in the closet is for the suitcase so you can put it and open comfortably

Roy Orcutt says:

Nicely done! Thanks!

mikefly562 says:

Nice review…nice room. Looks clean and modern. Is it easy accessing the strip from Vdara?

cjonns55 says:

Make more videos!

J.Louise Meeks says:

Well-done review, Fun Travel Guy!

jessica tm says:

Lmao the best part about this video is old school Nintendo. Go duck hunt!!!

holdem5180 says:

Thx dude  i will stay there in july , and the wife in the pool  had very nice boobs,  more of them next time … ty

fun travel guy says:

if you are vacationing with your family for a week or so, video or board games are good to keep the kids occupied during certain times. TV gets boring for them. some systems are more portable (nintendo wii) and can easily be brought on a trip.

winky0123 says:

Nice video. BTW the thing in the closet is what you put your suitcase on.

Epic Travels says:

Really good review thanks a lot !

Guerman Piedra says:

can you please tellme if the sofà in VDARA IS A SOFA BED?? or just a sofa?

fun travel guy says:

i see. thank you.

raul cee says:

bro i know you just didn’t show us a nintendo! holy fuckin shit!

rubberdc says:

the way to pronounce granite is “granit” not granyte!

Sommfam Sommfam says:

College students? Staying at Vdara? When I was in college, sleeping in the back of a Country Squire was a luxury! X-D

sahil patel says:

I stayed their

Daniel says:

You use the garbage disposal and microwave when and if you can

clunkmess says:

LOL that simulated Nintendo scene was a nice touch!

Greenboy28 says:

good informative review. good job.

katlady5000 says:

I like that kind of soap it gives you a massage as you wash yourself it’s great for your neck and shoulders.

Laurie Hilton says:

Thank you, great tour!

Todd Boden says:

The thing in the closet is a sex chair.

bizmark D says:

Really? The mirror and wood are solid? I was hoping for liquid or gas.

Adonkavic says:

Dam dude you got money that’s about 300 dollars a night .

fabrice mccarthy says:

My video is better of that suite 🙂

cjonns55 says:

Make more videos!

Joseph Flores says:

we also think you are freaking hilarious

rene arevalo says:

Thank You

HT says:

That video was very detailed and excellent.I seen in a TripAdvisor review that some had a mini washer and dryer also.What type of room was that

Danny Johnson says:

One thing to mention about the tub- I hate where the drain plug is. I hurt my tail bone/ butt when I slid down a little in it.

Hey Itz Kai says:

It’s lit

Devon Cates says:

how much for this kinda room?
what was the name of this room?

Nat Ann says:

I just booked a room there. Is that sofa a pull out bed?

cjonns55 says:

Pare you ever gonna make more videos?

Perrone Ford says:

Thank you for this. Unlike most reviews on YT, this one was very detailed and easy to understand. Nicely done.

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