The Linq Las Vegas | Hotel Walk & Promenade

Today we take a stroll down memory lane at The Linq Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip. I haven’t walked through this hotel in a long time. This property has had some major changes from when I used to stay here when it was the Imperial Palace. There seem to be upgrades added all the time at this location. We also had to stop at The Linq Promenade, which is our favorite spot on The Strip.
Hi! I’m Dani. My channel is made just for fun to get me out of the house, go on adventures, and discover new things. My content will mostly be about Las Vegas history and modern attractions since that’s where I live. I don’t intend to be a review channel, I just love to learn and explore. I might head to a resort, a tourist spot, a historic site, or a random roadside attraction. I will do my best to get my information correct. I also try to keep things positive and friendly for viewers of all ages. I travel frequently to Los Angeles and Disneyland. Hopefully, I will be traveling to more places in the near future. Thanks for watching!
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Paul Preciado says:

The Imperial Palace was the only hotel I knew of that had a 13th floor lol

Nathan Recs says:

I’m at Hilton hotel

Andrew Pettola says:

Thanks for the video! I never would have thought to explore that part of the strip.

karla lamar says:

I love this video! I’m going to stay there for my 22nd birthday next weekend my mother is taking me and she got this place looks amazing can’t wait!

Romeo Casido says:

Wow that’s a pretty cool looking sports book. I think I’ll check out that place next time

Traci Anderson says:

We always look forward to your Vegas videos. The history you provide on the properties is really great. Thanks for sharing have a great day.

Neil Szeverenyi says:

Thank you for the great video Dani.702 I had some concerns & apprehension with booking the LinQ for my 5th visit to Las Vegas! I always stay @ Planet Hollywood but after watching your video and reading some of the comments I’m now convinced I made the right choice! #Vegas2019 (Toronto Maple Leafs vs Golden Knights)

Khu NoPie says:

Dani truly is _The First Lady Of Vegas Video Adventure Vlogs_ and for this we are grateful.

Jack Ridge says:

In N Out ???? Wow, definitely worth a visit now!

mnm addict says:

Good review. Keep it up!

Eric Serrano says:

Love the Linq! Great location and fun vibe to it. Rooms are nice as well given the price.

Robin Higgins says:

Great video I always like watching your videos and seeing you having fun in Vegas keep up your good work

Ramneet Grewal says:

how was the weather?

PJ Slots Entertainment says:

This was a great video and I think one of your best ever made. I love the hockey game.

pippo702 says:

Thanks! Very nice..I stayed there back in 1991 with my mom and some friends in my second visit in Las Vegas..I was 11 y.o. Later (2007 or 2008) I went there to see the classic cars museum ..I still have a video here on YouTube

Stevie Setlon says:

Coming to Vegas Dec 14th. Staying at Venetian. Wanna meet up? Show me around

MrBiggs8511 says:

Another great video. I love the Linq promenade, I think I spent about 4 hours there in May riding on the observation wheel, in & out, and just sitting and enjoying the nice night. You forgot about the Linq zip line

Bill Wade says:

I love the Linq! I stay there when I visit Vegas. However, after getting a tattoo at Club Tattoo inside the linq my leg got infected. Other than that, I have had great exp at the hotel.

Heather Powell says:

I LOVED the Imperial Palace lol had a really wild time there back in the day hahahaaa What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas right?!?!?! Thanks for the video, I’d love to stay there next time I’m in town!

Stevie Z says:

Did I hear a Tim Tracker reference?

gggggggg says:

As with everywhere, it’s all about your budget…….. pay for a nice place, and you’ll get a nice place. pay less and you’ll see the standards drop.
But I gotta say, I wish we paid a little bit more last month when in Vegas (from UK) for 4th time……… we ended up in the Stratosphere…………….. cleaners were obviously on strike!!!!! Always wanted to stay a bit upmarket, so thanks for the video insight, next year has just been booked in the Linq…….. so lookout Las Vegas we’re heading back……….. me, my nutcase of a wife and just to generally confuse everyone we’re bringing our twin girls (identical twins)

doomed huh says:

I never went inside the linq but we walked through the promenade i guess to get to the high roller.

Ellis James says:

I first stayed to the Imperial Palace in 2005 after ten years of staying at the Riviera. Loved the place. Cheap rooms, lousy but cheap buffet.
I have stayed at the Linq three times and man, what a transformation. The place is beautiful and modern. Along with Harrah’s, my favorite places to stay in Vegas. Great locations.

C. Fyhr says:

Another great video Dani! I always wondered what people were talking about when they said the Linq. I moved from there in 2012, so it was still the Imperial when I left. I’m hoping to visit soon. If you get a chance, there is a bookstore that you should check out. They have a great history section that might help in your research. It’s called Amber Unicorn Books on Decatur north of Sahara. Cheers

C. Rice says:

I stayed at the Linq not long after the renovation was don and the room was super! Di you happen to notice if they had started charging for parking like the Flamingo does? Thanks! Great job as usual!!!

Diana T says:

Great video Dani!!

scottieray says:

6 wings for $11.99…..ouch

DL Reacts says:

Nice video! Coming from an editor, you did a great job! I watch other people’s videos on walkthroughs of casinos and what not and they’re okay, but this was great!

Henry Rodriguez says:

I’ll have to check out the Linq. Thanks for the tour. Btw, you look so much like lady Gaga… I’m sure you get that all the time.

amari brown says:

Nice vlog about the link!

Crystal Marks says:

I’m staying at Flamingo next week for 3 nights! That’s crazy it was snowing!! Lol. I’m excited to see Vegas at Christmas time!

UTSB says:

Give them A for originality on the sportsbook being different and outdoor stuff going on. That hockey game can get real competitive!

gohalos26 says:

Liked your video on the Linq! Don’t think you meant it in a bad way, but the term “oriental” is a bit offensive. Just thought I’d share.

Heath Gross says:

Stayed here for a full week in September of this year (2018). Our room was great! Clean, updated, and the bed was very comfortable. We had a great view of the pool from our 12th floor room and spent about four of our seven mornings enjoying the music and drink specials before heading out on the strip. We visit Vegas once per year usually staying at a different resort each time, but next year we will definitely be rebooking here at the Linq. I cant say enough good things about the resort.

Michael Zotara says:

Nice job on the video ☺

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