Stratosphere Hotel Room Tour / Review!

This is what happens when you book a hotel room and they throw you into a room that you didn’t book at all. Come and look at the room I got and let me know what you think. Would you stay here?


Electra Glide says:

You sound dramatic, overly critical and frankly, a bit soft and entitled. I would suggest laying off the soy for starters. That room seems fine for the money. You get what you pay for!

OG Readmore says:

place is sketchy as fuck, this is the trash when you get when you want to spend $100 or less a night in vegas……. Ill stick with Aria

MrMotel99 says:

Why not put the flat TV in the shitty cabinet?

Just Imagine says:

Nothing beats the views.  I was too chicken to do the rides I bought tickets for.  Name change to The Strat?

Donna Hinds says:

I would not stay there for free. Did once, never again.

YouDontKnowMe says:

I have stayed at the Stratosphere maybe 5 times…

All good experiences!

Money Dinero says:

Thanks for the video, and thank god I watch this before I book it. I was planing to celebrate my son bday in Las Vegas and this hotel was an option. Not anymore lol thank you

Mark Cappuccio says:

For the most part you’ll probably be out for most of the day. I’m sure most people would stay at Ceasars, but if you can’t afford it, rent a cheap room across the street.

Barbara Rudy says:

The Stratosphere is the cheapest resort hotel on the Strip. Maybe Circus Circus might be cheaper. You get what you pay for!

Harper Valley says:

You look delicious! I’d make your stay much enjoyable for sure. 🙂

Mark Casenta says:

I had a great experience there. You are a nothing but a complainer

james daniels says:

Their resort fees should be against the law but the city gets a share of that also so they allow the hotels to rip you off.

Martin Ramirez says:

I wouldn’t stay there

April Leyba says:


Heath Gross says:

Just curious, what was your room rate for this particular room on this stay?

dnalpu ca says:

I cancelled my reservation today… fuck!! Thanks dood

Melina Rojas says:

Very helpful thank you

Jose Garcia says:

Wow this is bad! This is super dated! I stayed at SLS not to far from the stratosphere.

Sandy Schaffer says:

No I would not stay there King Terron. How Dreadful!!!!! They keep the casino looking nice I’m assuming but they don’t care if the guests had a memorable stay. No ice, no frig, old and broken air not to mention stains on the chair and bed sheets from people’s bodily fluids. My skin is crawling. Well hope you had a good time anyway. Take care from Bethlehem Pa.

Dan Kirchner says:

scratch n sniff crispy cream donut pillow

Jose Nevarez says:

You sound like such a bitch

farnumbp says:

I must’ve stayed at The Stratosphere 50 times over the years and I always get a great room, nothing like this. I get the cheapest room too. I love the Stratosphere

Michael J Vanek Realtor Keller Williams Realty says:

It’s cheaper hotel. Dude what the F. Deal with it.

Jason Buckowing says:

They have renovated all their rooms.. I was there in March and was great….!!

Frank L says:

Stayed there this past January, same tower, only I think the 14th floor. Same room setup as yours…old, dark, dingy, and not the cleanest. I guess you get what you pay for. But now with an almost $40.00 a day resort fee, the Stratosphere needs to step it up. Couldn’t agree with you more–a few cosmetic changes to the rooms to at least give the appearance that you care lol.

Smug Smugly says:

Its over due for implosion

Gustaaf Hogt says:

Stratosphere is decent. The select room where I was in was ok. It had a good view an it was very cheap. About 60 dollars a night. I’m not complaining.

April Leyba says:

Plus he whispers like any other people r in the room or can make noise !! Lmao shuuushhh!!


Seems like you’re crying about nothing it’s a 34 dollar room man

Michelle Higgs says:

I stayed there the room we had was ok. But this room looks pretty dingy.

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