Stephen Paddock’s Mandalay Bay hotel room: Las Vegas body cam footage

Body camera footage shows Las Vegas police in Stephen Paddock’s Mandalay Bay hotel room after breaching the door on the night of the Oct. 1 shooting.


Ryu Cartel says:

Listen very closely to the whole exchange going on about windows.

Maiyanna says:

I don’t see broken glass on the floor? Maybe too dark.

ChuckinAurora says:

This is nothing. We want the security camera footage of MS13 entering and exciting the room.

The Don says:

Because of the temperature differential between hot, dry outside air and cold, humid A/C air, a broken window would have had all the curtains in there moving around. And yet it’s all still. Hmmmm…..

POOTIS says:

they are trolling us, even my old 2000 webcam has better quality

ADSaaron says:

How is the LVRJ obtaining these videos?

Steve Hunter says:

This would have to be the most important video of the Vegas shooting. It shows that here are NO BROKEN WINDOWS in Paddock’s room! There should be TWO broken windows but as you can see, the curtains are uniformly closed. If a window was open, the curtain should be blowing around because of the wind! The curtains are perfectly still!
If no windows are blown open, that means there was NO SHOOTING from Paddock’s room! The whole official story collapses!

Zhang Hong says:

Blank desktop on the computer. 1:20

Zhang Hong says:

Pixellating “Paddock” is outrageous and entirely defeats the purpose. Censorship and/or deception.

Apostolic Jewell says:

No broken windows…THe guys enter into the building so casually, as if they already knew that their was no live threat in the room. They don’t go over to check his pulse or for signs of life either. And where is the footage of an “injured” Jesus Campos. Security was right outside the door they said.

Swiftereum says:

There were 3 bodies.

Ray Sexauer says:

deep state hit for gun control. No more no less

neffets kivøh says:

Oh comon a warning really?
What is so disturbing ?

Katrien the Belgian says:

No broken windows???? Hmmmmm…..

Eric Moore says:

BS! Edited and cut, probably fake.

neffets kivøh says:

Is there no unsencored video version of this ?

mad ian says:

Pathetic warning, pathetic video, pure distraction.

mark mustermann says:

an satanic ritual

Matt says:

The warning at the beginning should say warning absolutely nothing to see except for a guys face

Swiftereum says:

Nicely edited to have us see only what we are supposed to. Which is nothing.

A Dawg says:

SO if the windows werent broken then who shot the people up? Nobody? Everyone there at the event faking it? Shooters were in the helicopter? Shooters were on the ground? Was Paddock a fall guy? Still no motive found after all this time. Another day, another false flag to take our rights away.

steher says:

Knew it. It was a false flag. Now, who really killed all those people? Look at the witness videos, they said the shooters were chasing them. 911 calls said the same thing. Its a big cover up.

Jason Corvus says:

Gun run operation gone wrong. Paddock was a CIA proxy. *FALSE FLAG*

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