Staying At The Worst Reviewed Hotel/Casino In My City (Las Vegas)

Today we’re in Las Vegas… and we decided to check out the worst reviewed hotel/casino…. this place was…. DISGUSTING.
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shannona80 says:

I like your videos but stop acting like a stuck up DOUCHE just because you see black people! They were staring at you because you were acting weird as shit because you were scared! They weren’t thinking about robbing you, they were thinking “WTF is their problem and why the hell are they peeking out the windows”…shit u put them on edge and on defense just as much as they put u on edge!!! Weirdo!

Super Squad girl says:

Do worst hotel in Chicago

Simon Cowell says:

Sees one black person walk by and says that “they’re trapped”, shut up man.

meiling_ says:

I live in Las Vegas in those rooms a lot of people commit suicide , and like people that go there are basically hookers, and people that don’t really have enough money to go to a good hotel. If you see the history of that hotel it’s horrible too.

Isabella Jarrell says:

I really regret watching this while I’m eating

Jake Henry says:

You are immature

Shane Jones says:

Oh my god that hotel is disgusting

Tiger Lilly 0503 says:

Oh fun blood
(Sarcasm by the way)

Its Animations says:

I love you so much but I’m gonna be frfr I felt offended by this video

Donovan Bell says:

I am sorry I live in Vegas and Vegas aint shit it’s not scary at all!

Rainfrost Gacha says:

This is the city I live in oh no!

Erin Tetter says:

How many times do you think he said “it was blood?”

clown gang says:

Why is every thing all ways blooded?

vicky davenport says:

That’s a sketchy ass Uber driver yikes

ThrownTomcat 877 says:

people are stealing your idea ugh your awesome

paleblues says:

“Dude I don’t wanna get robbed! *wears Balenciaga shoes*

Ella Shauntee says:

Ghetto does not mean black

Willow Brown says:

I’m eating while watching this and I’m dead its gross like I stopped watching this to finish us

Brennen Taylor says:

Follow me on instagram for behind the scenes of these 1 star reviews:

Morgan Wolf says:

0:35 or 0:36 his face is hilarious

Sweetpea Sweetpea says:

Racism is back

J mac says:

Soft ass

DannyPhantomTechSupportScammer says:

its like your an undercover CSI lol

Melinda Costa says:

Your rreally hot


oh yeah

Alberto Caeiro says:

Who else thought that was a hair in the phone at 7:38

Amberlynn Reid's 600th Lb says:

I’m a pale ass white girl and stick out like a sore thumb when I go to certain areas. I’ve been in some of the most violent projects in my state and live in one of the cities with the highest violent crime rate and I never acted like this.

You’re fucking embarrassing dude. To be honest if I was those people I would have been scared of you, acting all fucking skittish like you’re up to something!

Also I don’t give a fuck if he was robbed at gunpoint, that’s not an excuse to act like a racist piece of shit.

I’ve been raped before but I don’t walk around assuming all men are going to rape me.

Stop excusing his privileged fucking attitude.

Sofia Moratillo says:

Staying at best reviewed hotel in your city
Please do it!!!

Brittney Chase says:

Lol so I grew up out east in an area like that and I just laugh at them because they’re freaking out at the black people and stuff. XD also I have friends who thought they were in an Uber when it wasn’t their Uber and they actually almost got kidnapped but we’re smart and jumped out the car and ran so you do have to be careful about that nowadays

Dekayla Pollard says:

Y’all are so fucking stupid and get offended at every little thing bruh, y’all couldn’t WAIT to pull the race card out ya asses. Brennen literally got robbed at gunpoint. This got nothing to do with skin color for ONCE can y’all dingbats understand that

Alex Flores says:

There is a hotel near where I live. Here in Waco Texas and it’s so gross there pool is always dirty and in the hotel room there is no soup. I don’t recommend staying there over night but you should check it out

Cherise Herring says:

I don’t get how its “Disgusting” this shit really pisses me off how they feel that when there’s a lot of black people it is the “ghetto” shut the fuck up the fact you even have the audacity to fear for your life when no one has said one word to you IS “disgusting”. You even said yourself “you stand out” so of course people are going to LOOK at you mfer.

BenGamer says:

I’m sick watching this lol

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