Mirage Resort King Review & Tipping!

UGH! The last morning in Vegas! Little room review of the Mirage Resort King, and a discussion about the ALL important Tipping!

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C B says:

oh and good video just subscribed to you

Mr Bezzer says:

Great videos very entertaining.

Nicole Marie A. says:

Omg you guys are such a great couple! I love that I have found you at the beginning of your vlog journey. I want to see you move out West and fulfill your dreams before it is too late to enjoy them. Great video, keep em coming.

David Berryman says:

Great vid. Tipping a housekeeper is a must, after all, you tip a girl that brings you a drink but not the one who cleans your toilet? It’s amazing how many people won’t do it. True dat about stiffing cocktail waitresses …. I had a guy sitting beside me stiff one and I was tipper her every time. It was mind boggling to see her selective hearing when she came around soliciting drink orders lol.

Ivy 7788 says:

I stayed at the NY. NY Hotel last time I went to Vegas.

NeonVacation says:

Good Stuff, Thanks for the great Videos. Just Subscribed. Check out my Channel too subscribe to help us grow. We will be staying at Mirage in about 3 weeks so watch out for another room Video Thanks Guys!

Guy Davis says:

I live north of you guys in Indy and I hear you. Come home from trip to a warm weather climate and get 30 (bleeping) degrees in the face. Great channel.

Tierney 4 says:

I was in a NYNY in November. You can still smoke in rooms.

Chris Loer says:

she owes you the $20 all winnings are hers or if she is feeling generous, a split. IMO

C B says:

hey it’s Chris also known as chrisbayridge1 on Instagram anyway I worked at the Mirage remodeling it back in 2000 7 into 2008 I believe I installed the entertainment centers and the headboards with the shadow box they’re holding up pretty good eh? lol anyways I always stay there I’m supposed to be back January 12th through the 16th but if not I’ll be back in April for sure

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