Mandalay Bay Resort Room Tour and Review in Las Vegas

I reviewed in detail Las Vegas MGM’s resort hotel’s run of house room. Mandalay Bay is the home of the Shark Reef Aquarium and the highly rated Michael Jackson Cirque Du Soleil show.

The location is at the edge of the strip and it may be lonely until the Raider’s stadium is built behind it. I recommend using Uber or Lyft to get around.

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Check-in time is 3pm and I recommend not using the mobile check-in or express check in. Go to the front desk and tip them $20 to get a free upgrade. I just asked and I wasn’t given an upgrade but I got a very nice room. Mandalay Bay is 43 floors and we scored floor 34 which is the highest floor that is not the penthouse suites.

Checkout is at 11am, but you can extend your check-out by requesting late checkout which is $25. This helps while you enjoy the empty beach, moorea and lazy pool in the morning.

Self-Parking costs now at MGM and Caesars resort so I don’t recommend renting a car. It’s just easier and now cheaper to use a taxi or rideshare service.

Mandalay Bay has 24 restaurants in the resort, live music, plenty of slots and table games, the 3rd largest aquarium in the US, and the Michael Jackson Cirque show. Maybe with all that, it’s ok to be on the edge of the strip

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Edgar P says:

Nothing will be the same at this hotel or all vegas

rome sixer says:

This was the hotel in the song Me and my ‘monkey’ . Strange how the lyrics of the song echo what happened there.

rose m says:

This video helped me a lot!

Noah 1775 says:

Are there security cameras everywhere inside like what everyone is saying?

Random foxy Fan 217 says:

And… it was shot off of. Rip the victims of the LV shootings…

alej745 says:

when he starts criticizing the place and the sad music comes on LMAOOOO

John T says:

soothing voice nice reviews honest and real you do a good job thank you

Life in Vegas says:

Great videos and channel.. Keep up the good work!! Greetings from Vegas

Shila Starr says:

I’m sad of wut happened to those people

Adam W says:

So this is very close to the Airport and kind of far from the strip?

averagecoasterenthusiast says:

No thanks

Melicia says:

Isnt buffe included in the price

David Durbin says:

This is one of the best Vegas hotel videos I’ve ever seen. Your short video covered all the most important features in a neat and compact presentation. Great job! I stayed there years ago, but you pointed out some nice features which have made me want to go there again. Thanks!

francis rivers says:

Thats an awesome and honest review!!! Subbed

Kenji Yagi says:

I’m really shocked and saddened by the shooting in Mandalay Bay 🙁
My heart and prayers go to the victims and their loved ones

14Hrbek says:

I hope your bitch shows you ample gratitude for the upgrades. I would let her wear the one piece at the pool under the strict agreement that she stay nude and ready to meet your needs in the room.

Biggest Troll Ever says:

I wish you were there last night.

Philip Enos says:

Good review………Is the pool heated/temperature controlled?

Jesus is Lord says:

Is this where you got charged $50 for putting that water bottle in the fridge?

oppinoy says:

They showed an excerpt of this video on Inside Edition. I hope they cited you. I know it’s a crappy situation to why they used the video, but they should still credit you for the video.

Sage Sehongva says:

Now that’s how you do a Hotel Review!! Thanks for that I’m actually gonna be in Vegas in 2 weeks haha

MangoSlicer says:

Thanks for telling me about the view, is it good for watching concert goers?

r g says:

Thumbs up and new subscriber!

knightfall209 says:

The zoo is cool

Cecelia Latu says:

Nice video good pointers, could of got more of the pool but oh well.

John M says:

Great vid, keep up the reviews man!

Joe Hill says:

It also offers great concert views for any would be photographers or mass shooters

Shiv Vlogs says:

Well there was a shooting there

ChitownStever1 says:

Nicely done video!! I’ve stayed at THEHOTEL a couple of times and never knew about paying alittle extra for a late checkout. Great info thanks!!!

Jeoffry Ross says:

Nice video. I’m getting ready to stay here in a month or so. Thank you for the great walk through. And, was nice that you have a very attractive travel partner

Adam S says:

Wow great review!! I usually stay at the Cosmopolitan with a balcony overlooking the Fountains, well that just can’t be beat.  Although with my upcoming trip this fall and as was with last trip, I’m going to the Barrett Jackson car auction which is at Mandalay Bay so I have been debating about staying there since the majority of the time I’m there anyway.  After this review you have made up my mind! And half the price of the Cosmo keeps some extra cash in the pocket for fun!  Thanks!!

pykkervots says:

A casino without any security? How else could someone intall an arsenal of weaponry in their room without maid service for days on end while they rig up CCTV cameras in the corridor completely undetected by guests or hotel staff. Things are a a little bit….’lax’ at the Mandalay don’t you think? I do

Mark Mitch says:

great video going to ballys on saturday should i try the 20 dollar trick ?

Edgar says:

This is a very good video and I learned a lot. We will be staying at this hotel next week–Can’t wait. By the way, you’re wife is smoking.

Bryan Siv says:

You know why you’re watching this video.

MSEAD123 says:

Great review! Thanks! I will be going there for a week and am staying in the same room you got. I like the wallpaper! LOL!

Bob McCoy says:

*Oh this was was featured on Inside Edition: ***
Thoughts & Prayers with the ones impacted by the incident at the music festival

Akasan says:

Thanks for doing this video. Headed out there next week for MJ. I think I’ll be passing on this hotel. That room though… lol and also the whole thing with housekeeping kicking people out early was a dealbreaker. Unbelievable…..

Amelia Rhodes says:

The video contains footage of a room on the 34th Floor for those searching for information concerning recent events.

Robert McDougall says:

Great video as always. Did you know they have a tram that is free and runs I believe every 15 minutes that drops you off right outside New York New York? I say that because I believes it totally solves the problem from being so far away from all the other action

ReasonReport says:

Tip 1: Duck and Cover

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