Mandalay Bay in Vegas: Crazy Experience 2019 + Rooms & Suites Review

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YouTubeWatcher says:

I hope you feel better, getting sick on vacation is the worst! From what I heard, you were being “punished” by the staff. They had a “well we will show her” attitude, otherwise the 2 rooms wouldn’t have happened. When management intervened it got better…anyway I haven’t had much interaction with MGM other than excalibur. All of your rooms were luxury compared to that dump. I have stayed at Harrah’s and had a AC issue. They upgraded us to a suite! I noticed the one room with the thermostat issue, those fans are bad and maintenance bypasses the switch to make them run on low(the high winding fails so they jumper them to work at all). I hope your stay gets better and we are trying out Bally’s later this month. (Harrah’s was booked )

Alexander Loper says:

Should’ve booked Mirage instead of MB!

Sheldon Velazquez says:

Hey Jules so lovely to hear your voice.

Michael Billups says:

I absolutely LOVVVVVE your reviews.

Virginia lohrey says:

Going to cross Mandalay Bay off my list……sad…

George B says:

MGM has screwed Luxor as well, just like CET has done with both the Flamingo & Rio! All were luxury properties in the 90’s!

Sandkei says:

That place is really going downhill.

Sabreeus(Plus Size Fashion Designer) says:

Happy New Year! Thank you for sharing your reviews. Peace And Love!

Rosa Elliott says:

Jules, you need to go to Reno sometime, the Atlantis, Peppermill or Grand Sierra Resort

George B says:

Notice a good portion of the window is hidden.

20cardmg says:

..jules..stay.. at Aria I know you will like it

patr70 says:

Thank you Jules for the video. I remember my first stay at Mandalay Bay in January 2001. I was impressed with the rooms.

Pedro says:

Thank you for this great video! I’m sorry for the horrible experience, but am amazed at how reasonable you are about all that happened! You are not fussy or irrational about anything, which is one of the reasons I love watching your videos. You call it as it is; you don’t expect a budget option to give you ultra luxury, but in the same vein, you expect a certain level of luxury from those places that market themselves as such. Your patience is incredible, and perfect for your reviews because it gives us the viewers the most honest look at what to expect in the places you review. Thanks again for all your fantastic videos!

Jimz says:

What a friggin dump!!!! MGM is probably cutting corners as gaming revenues continue to decline industry wide. Partying millenials don’t gamble much. Also, Mandalay Bay’s image and reputation are still being impacted because of the shooting. A lot of people are superstitious and won’t stay there. Looking out at your view, all I could think of was that horrible event. I’d never stay in that hell hole of a hotel.

George B says:

Jules, perhaps you should try a few nights at the Four Seasons: I bet you get more and your still at Mandalay.

George B says:

In December these suites are super cheap.

sutherland9 says:

I always go to Mandalay Bay for a practical reason – it has a mail box in its Business Center and I can send postcards to friends back home. If anybody knows of any other mail boxes on the Strip please let me know. Also Mandalay Bay has inexpensive Internet fees – only $.40 per minute to use a PC at the Fed Ex centers. At Excalibur I have to pay $7 for internet.

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