Luxor Las Vegas Hotel Review

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Rubi Roche says:

I can’t find your full vid

Rubi Roche says:

Sorry I just watched. I now know!! Lol great vid

dramadupree says:

Glad you enjoyed yourself!

Rubi Roche says:

What room did u stay in?

Italia 458driver says:

At first I thought this was a joke cause of how ridiculous this dude looks.
Lol this is clearly his first time to Las Vegas. I go all the time, all of these services and the special treatment he thinks he is getting its not special treatment. Las Vegas is built on hospitality, that’s the only thing that differentiates each one other than the specific style each hotel offers. Anyone can rent the penthouse he is referring to. I rent the PH at Caesars palace all the time. It’s 2 stories and runs 4,500-12,000 a night depending on time of year. If you want even better treatment go to the M for the same price. It’s a 4 diamond hotel for the same price. Problem is that it is 12 miles south of the strip but on Las Vegas Blvd (which is the name of the street on the strip.) Free service to the strip and back 24hrs a day. I used to stay at the Luxor all the time because of the fair pricing. It’s decent. If you want anything just ask the hotels in Vegas upon check in, free meals etc. drink tickets. Free rides.

Chrisell N says:

I just celebrated my birthday in Vegas at the Venetian last month! Vegas is amazing!!! I definitely will consider the Luxor next time. Your room and that view was life! Thanks for the video!

sylvia canonaco says:

Wow, can I go with next time?

Troll Doll says:

I’m thinking about going to Vegas I heard so many bad reviews about the Luxor. But after watching your video seeing the limo service and room tour and the service you received. I’m confident on making a booking soon. Pure luxury

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