Free Hotel Room Upgrade at Las Vegas Flamingo

Flamingo Go Room Review and Tour. I tipped $20 during the checkin to the front desk clerk and was able to get a complimentary upgrade from the Carnival Fab Room to the Flamingo Go Room. You just hand the twenty bill with your ID and credit card. Also known as the $20 sandwich trick to get a free room upgrade with a better view and higher floor.

A review and overview of the 350sqft King Go Room Non-Smoking with Highroller View at the Flamingo Hotel and Resort by Caesars Total Rewards. Was built in 1945 and is in a great location in the middle of the strip. Great for visiting, vacationing, traveling with a koi pond, actual pink flamingos and a laguna pool. High roller and Linq is right next door. Thank you!

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Olivia Vasquez says:

do u think the $20 trick will still work in july when the rooms are much more than $23 a night ???

ricky garcha says:


JayBo says:

You are exactly right about the Flamingo. For the Value, one of the best

Annie Nomuss says:

HO w can you call that free, when you gave him $20?

Evan Klein says:

Don’t use those safes. Way easy to break into by staff.

MrZola1234 says:

Maybe this works on a Sunday-Thursday on a slow week.  Also, wouldn’t expect this to work more than once in a while.  This isn’t 1950 old school vegas, and why would someone risk their job over a 20.

Rhonda Bryan says:

Thanks for your video and useful tips!

carol ann bell says:

Great review.  I’ve stayed in the Go Room With a View & it is one of my favorite rooms/views in LV.  You’re a natural host!

LEO UR says:

great video men.

The Bride With A Budget says:

I’m getting married in November and we’re taking our honeymoon in Vegas. I’m set on stating at the Flamingo. Is that a busy/expensive time?

Wooo Vegas! says:

Do you live in vegas? This was an awesome video! Please check out our channel 😉 I liked subscribed and shared you are awesome 😉

UBKUwe says:

Hi Kenji, great Video. Thanks a lot…and great music. Could you please tell me the song title starting at ca 2:40? Thank you very much. Take care!

allisonroseg1 says:

This was great, thank you! Planning to go there in June. I am only hesitant because they offer smoking rooms, and even as an occasional smoker, I still wouldn’t want to smell that going to sleep every night. I feel like even the non smoking rooms will still smell, yes?

anwar m says:

How many nights did u stay?

Blonde4ever F. says:

Nice job on the video!

ricky garcha says:

Can I book with an outside website like and still get the 20 dollar upgrade?

MSEAD123 says:

Always good reviews, thanks! I stayed at MB bc of your review in June for 8 days and had a good time there. I have to go back in Aug. and am looking for a new place to try. Have already stayed at the Encore, Cosmo, Palazzo, Venetian and of course those are excellent resorts but since I am there for a whole week I may look at something nice but more economical. Pool, location and room are all important to me.

Derek Dukes says:

Nice review! I stayed at the Flamingo back in 2011 when the Go Rooms were first out….I still like them to this day!

Anne Ambulo says:

Does this work for the Linq? Going there june 2-6th for my 21st birthday!

Alex Rhodes says:

would this work if you weren’t a total rewards member I wonder

Ivaserv9 says:

awesome advice I will try this tomorrow at the hotel I’m staying at in Toronto in Canada.

Lynn Rice says:

thanks for the video, I have stayed at the Flamingo every year for the last 10 years, other than 1 time they have always given me a great room and we’ve always enjoyed it there. The rooms are clean the staff is awesome
and its got the best back yard in town.

Christina Nazario says:

Thanks for your great video and tips. We are going on June 6 and hope we can get a descent room, if you know what I mean. 🙂

macseth8421 says:

awesome vid!

suz702 says:

Hey Kenji! Thanks for the awesome review of the Flamingo. As a front desk employee, I will tell you that the “Tip Sandwich” is getting people fired and will no longer work! Your 20 bucks is not worth my job, so you will be paying an upgrade fee if you check-in with me. In answer to some of posts regarding us waving the Resort Fees for a tip, the answer is NO, waive the parking for a tip, the answer is NO. Furthermore, the days of the 30.00 room rate are almost gone too, as the Flamingo is renovating and eventually the rates will go up substantially. Do you tip for good service? Because we do accept tips for good service, like any other industry, where you don’t give away goods or services for a bribe. Thank You for staying at our hotel, but your “Tip Sandwich” is a thing of the past. PS, better be careful of the legal implications of posting a video of an employee during your transaction….catch my drift??

Jason Downs says:

Great review of the Go Room. I usually stay at Caesers or the MGM. However, the Flamingo is my absolute favorite of the cheaper hotels. I actually love it, and kind of like it more than more expensive hotels on the strip. Because it’s cheaper, it brings in more life and more energy. The more expensive hotels have an older more refined clients. The Flamingo’s pool is small but fun. The gaming is great. The buffet is in a beautiful room with a glass dome that I love. You can’t beat the location. But the absolute best part of the Flamingo is the huge entrance from the strip to the casino, letting in fresh air and sunshine. I’ve literally gambled with the sun shine in the room. It’s one of my more memorable Vegas moments.

The Fozzy Bear says:

Not really $23 per night. Las Vega hotels add on a resort fee of $30-$40 per night.

Joe Lazar says:

You said the shower was big enough for two, but I didn’t see anyone else in the room with you.

Bob McCoy says:

Thanks for filming it man! Do you think I’d have any luck at Harrah’s? 😀


Vegas is evolving…good to see that still can work. so many people complain that they tried but failed getting upgrades..Go out to fremont st tonight and see all the Rugby teams ceremony for the kick off. welcome to vegas

Chevon Spencer says:

Going to Vegas in April hope this works at the Westgate LOL… Thanks for the videos

mizzoktober1 says:

I know you have to pay for internet but I was only charged $10 a day. How much did you end up having to pay? I just started to go to the starbucks around the corner.

Dirk D'hooghe says:

ty for the nice review and awesome tips!

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