Best Vegas Hotel – Cosmopolitan Review

I stayed at the Cosmopolitan Hotel of Las Vegas and I think it’s the best hotel on the strip. Here is a list of things to do at the Cosmo Autograph Collection LV.

Check out their lobby, have a drink in the Chandelier bar, look for the giant shoe, find Secret Pizza, look for the dog statues, parking art, Art-o-mat, movie nights. Get the fountain view room with a balcony in the boulevard tower.

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Kenji Yagi says:

I tipped during check-in at the Cosmo and they gave me a room upgrade

Video Here –

cardead316 says:

Nice video ! Do you drink alcohol? There’s a secret cocktail drink called the Verbena at the Chandelier bar. Temporary interesting kick to the taste buds I must say.

Glam DIY says:

I love the Cosmopolitan, great tips. I love all the quirky art

The Vegas Paradise says:

Very nice review! The Cosmo definitely is one of the top hotels on the Vegas strip.

vdg721 says:

Hi, why won’t you reply to my post

Gym S says:

Even though the cosmo drove me away i have to say it’s a great video. Well done.

Any plans for videos for downtown?

Pierce Grob says:


Great video, as always!

As someone with experience in the hotel industry, I have a piece of information that may be useful to you and your viewers:

It doesn’t always matter how hard you close the door to your room because it’s often a question of whether or not the latch catches. In your video, the latch didn’t catch which is the locking mechanism when you are leaving the room.

In addition to closing the door firmly, the most important thing that you can do is lift up on the door handle with some firmness and you will hear a click. That click means the latch has caught and the door is properly locked. If you don’t hear the click, the door is either not closed securely or the latch caught when you first closed the door.

Either way, always pull up on the handle at EVERY hotel you stay at, and then always try your room door to make sure it doesn’t open back up before leaving.

Ant Love Forever says:

Your videos are amazing, informative and well put together.

Thank you for taking the time to do all this to bring us information!

Emma Y says:

I like the very last part ❤️

Windy City Frenzy says:

Very informative great video, we love the Cosmo, as well. jus subbed too.

Shantrel White says:

I like your videos new subscriber here..!

Guiltypleasures says:

Question … some of the city rooms seem to have a strip/fountain view, some not. Since there is only 1 level of city room, it is a crapshoot which you get?

WGM 247 says:

Excellent review… I’m in the Cosmo right now in a fountain view room 🙂 everything you said is exactly right… Keep up the good work on your reviews…

Rich Lux says:

love the video i think bellagio is the best hotel is it just me or did this have christmas music in it anyways love the video

kenrn05 says:

I stay at the Cosmo everytime. I’ll be in the Terrace Suite during my next trip in a few weeks. The Lanai Suites are pretty nice too!

David Kim says:

What room is that with you watching tv at a desk @4:09?

kinetics14 says:

Have you stayed at the aria yet?

Mike Hascats says:

your videos are enjoyable and well edited

hondajdm805 says:

When is the cheapest time to go to Las Vegas

The specialone AlegriaDopovo says:

Nice video amigo, congrats

sg1nikos says:

nice review, I currently planing out a trip to Las Vegas and have been looking at Hotel reviews, and your videos stand out, thanks for the info. Definitely staying at the Cosmopolitan

Tubong Purok Saranay says:

Go to 3rd floor, then eat at zuma.
Thank me later.

Stefan Thomasson says:

Thank you Kenji for a great guided tour of the Cosmo!

Gym S says:

Too bad the casino and host dont care about you

ericeric1010 says:

Was it always $25 craps minimum? Or only on busy times like weekends?

Emma Y says:

Missed the first!! ;(

KRUGE67 says:

another wonderful video, thanks for the info.

Johnny Mac says:

How often do you go to Vegas?

goodi2shooz says:

Have you seen Spinning in Vegas’s recent reviews of the Cosmo? He used to be a hardcore fan of the place but his last experience made him say he is never going back again because everything that can possibly go wrong went wrong and they did nothing to fix it

Gamerst3k says:

hey guys im just a random guy from Serbia and im interrested in prize for night in this hotel and if someone knows i would appreciate if i get the answer ! 🙂 Thanks in advance 🙂

Shawn Afshar says:

amazing hotel my favorite in vegas

Jadd612 says:

I like the Cosmo, I booked a wrap around suite in the blvd tower the first time and had a city view room thru delta airlines. The slots are tight at first with the identity card, but you’ll notice they start sending you nice hotel stay offers. I had a streak of luck on the slot machines in my second stay.

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