Best Hotel in Las Vegas – Cosmopolitan Hotel Review & Pool Party

One of the best hotels in Las Vegas is the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Hotel. My Cosmopolitan Hotel Review takes a tour of one the best pool party day club in Las Vegas called the Marquee nightclub and dayclub. Also, to one of the best Las Vegas buffets called Wicked Spoon. This luxury hotel in Las Vegas has an awesome view as I stayed in the Cosmopolitan terrace studio fountain view room.

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The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Hotel

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Fujisan86 says:

You always provide great content ! Big fan, keep it up !

MrDboydeluxe says:

Amazing?? indeed.

PhiliPeanut says:

I’m so happy you enjoyed the Cosmopolitan! I worked there for 7 years and my husband still works there. One tip for the pillows, you can ask for hypoallergenic pillows and they are a bit firmer since they are made out of a different material. The Wicked Spoon is so good! Yum! Also, fun fact, the Chandelier bar is made of Swarovski crystals and silk and also there is a level 2.5 that does special molecular gastronomy drinks. Anyhow, Great Video as always!!

Alison Koizumi says:

Will you be my tour guide when im in japan?!

Paolo fromTOKYO says:

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vsglookielew says:

Oh yeah. If you can checkout the outlet stores there’s about 3 of them in Vegas.

Christopher Pappas says:

Paolo, Meiko must be a saint because if I opened up the curtains first thing in the morning while my gf was still in bed she would KILL me for sure! And not quickly I might add… Thanks for another great video. Peace:)

vsglookielew says:

The desert usually is the best.

Rolly Edward Domingo says:

That wicked spoon is pretty dope.

vivoslibertos says:

Sick video editing man! And dat butt crack on the living room

henry choi says:

Ah your in Vegas?! I love watching your videos huge fan! Planning my trip to japan and your videos have been helpful! I’m live in Vegas.

MsSayaB says:

i live in LV and wicked spoon is my favorite buffet. its super hot in Vegas but enjoy your stay!

Lordpoopsir says:

No way! I’m from Las Vegas!

Tom Walker says:

Hey Paolo what was the name of the song you used during the intro and outro?

vanderley3 says:

There’s a “Secret” pizza joint hidden at the Cosmo you guys should try.

vsglookielew says:

Cheap eats are off the strip. The old hotels.

OCD Stig says:

Don’t start any fires near the pool…

MissMindyDenver says:

I’m with you, Paolo. I will never understand why the pillows and good hotels have to be so fluffy. Kills my neck every time.

Artie says:

Great choice. We’ve been staying at the Cosmo for our last 5-6 trips. Fantastic restaurants as well.

selina lau says:

Awesome video as always! Enjoy Vegas guys!

Chahlie Chan says:

East wing

ALinkInHyrule says:

That is one BUCKWILD lovekit, dare I say a DECENT lovekit!

Nicholas Po says:

The Bacchanal buffet at Caesars is good as well. Holstein shake and burgers which is in the Cosmopolitan is super good as well. I recommend the Sunrise Burger, fries, and a shake! Any shake!

EvenflowDDT says:

haha, and to think that half way through this, i thought this might be your first video without any food hahaha. Good on you!

jbemt1 says:

Must you talk in that annoying/irritating high pitched squeal?

vsglookielew says:

You can’t get a taxi from the street. You have to go to a hotel entrance to catch a cab.

Ahmad Muhammad says:

Love those gym shoes

MrSmithsFan says:

What a view!!!!

vanderley3 says:

Hey Paolo I’m a Vegas local and one of your subscribers. Welcome and have fun!

Big Joe's Videos says:

Another good adventure

Ronald Yan says:

Hay Dude when you coming back Tokyo?

PrimalPolar says:

Ohhh, love the video Paolo! If you’re still in Vegas, you should review the Heart Attack Grill lol.

vsglookielew says:

You can drink alcohol on the street. It’s legal.

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